Introducing: Anti-Embarrassment Mode 😳

Introducing: Anti-Embarrassment Mode :wave::flushed:

So we built a world-first (we think) solution.

Tell me more.
Set up Anti-Embarrassment Mode and we’ll automatically charge the backup cards you designate, if your selected payment card doesn’t go through. So you can pay without the panic. Every time.

Want in?
Turn on Anti-Embarrassment Mode in your “account” tab to choose one or two cards from your Curve Wallet to act as backups.

Finally, a feature to save you from awkward declines, and awkward smiles with the cashier :upside_down_face:

Turning on Anti-Embarrassment Mode:

  1. Go to your “account” in the Curve app
  2. Tap “settings” on the top right corner
  3. Scroll to “features” and tap “Anti-Embarrassment Mode”

In other news: You can now 👀 your bank balances


This is very useful and very much appreciated feature for me and my wife, thank you! :star_struck::partying_face: Didn’t test it yet but I believe it will work perfectly. :cowboy_hat_face:

It really sometime happens that my selected card gets declined while other card after switching it works fine. E.g. MCO and Swipe cards for some unknown reason always decline PPL CZ, same goes for Zasilkovna (another package sending service company) and very occasionally some other merchants… 🥸

Thank you again Curve for this new useful feature, nice surprising Christmas gift. :hugs::christmas_tree: Backup cards already set up in the app… :slightly_smiling_face::credit_card:


Tested with DPD on Wednesday. You can then GBiT to any card, so you can resolve the situation once it has been “fixed”.

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This is a great feature! Good to see Curve starting to live up to its potential :slight_smile:


Big Thanks to the team for this great new feature!


Now THIS is a useful and unique feature, I wouldn’t have thought of it myself but I’m really loving the direction Curve is taking.

Many new and useful features that make me proud to be a part of Curve :+1:t3:


haha, except the case when you have national BIN card and you’re unable to GBIT any transaction bigger than 12 GBP…

it’s ok to introduce new features, but curve should also fix bugs reported months ago

Great feature… thanks again curve.


Not working for me.

My default is Monzo.

1st backup: Barclays
2nd backup: NatWest

Went online to make a transaction, Monzo didn’t have the funds, and it didn’t bother trying Barclays. It just came back with a transaction declined.


I set my active card as a credit card and set my anti embarrassment card as a debit card. I expected that when I did a transaction that was debit card only (as Curve fronted off), it would use my anti embarrassment debit card. It didn’t, the app just shows it declined by the active credit card.
Strangely it shows under the active credit card as “fee applied” & “declined, try another card”. As Curve fronted is off this doesn’t seem right. It shouldn’t apply a fee or even try to charge my credit card. I assume it didn’t actually try to process this transaction to my active credit card as it would have been approved, but either way, it didn’t try my anti embarrassment when the active card failed.

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, :flushed: really embarrassing but it works :rofl: :innocent:
:pray:2020-12-19 (5)

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Thank you so much. This was a much needed feature. It makes more sense now to have a card representing all others

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Well it’s not worked so far… I tried to pay for something with Curve Cash (£12 balance, £10 purchase) and with a credit card backup. Straight decline.


Superb idea- works well! Thank you!

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Great feature! I like it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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At last. I was contemplating downgrading my Metal card because of the high number of declines. This is especially useful for repeating payments and subscriptions, where a decline can be particularly inconvenient.

For those whinging that transactions are still being declined remember that this will only help where the underlying card is declined. If the POS system doesn’t recognise Curve or fails to connect to the bank then it won’t make any difference.

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Or if the 2 cards are from the same banks
And they have technical problems

Well, that wouldn’t be curve’s fault, would it…?

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I don’t know if I am missing a point. But shouldn’t someone at Curve work on the fact that there’s so many decline from all sorts of merchant/Card company?
Decline number come to inverable, also I had several issue that card being declined but charged. So I now don’t bother using Curve (I have black metal) but actual credit card for important translation, especially business oriented. Decline mare is simply not acceptable for accounting/book keepoing purposes.