Introducing Curve Purchase Protection

We’ve added an extra layer of protection on your purchases! With Curve Purchase Protection you will get help resolving merchant disputes and get your money faster.

Learn more: How does Curve Purchase Protection work?
Link to policy:


This sounds interesting

How does this differ from MasterCard’s Chargeback scheme? In the £30-£1000 tier, what happens once the issuer accepts the dispute, you refund the money, but the underlying dispute fails? Is the customer charged again, or is there some underlying insurance policy?


There are a few other things that are covered such as investments, purchasing shares, real estate and car hire. You can find the full list on our website.

According to the list, these things are NOT covered.

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Thank you for spotting that, we have updated the blog article.

You can get your money faster with Curve Purchase Protection. With chargeback protection there’s no obligation to refund the money until the dispute is settled. If we don’t win the dispute we may need to re-debit the funds.

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What happened to this? The blog post seems to have disappeared without a trace…

:scream: The blogpost is being re-written. I’ve added the direct link to the policy in the original post.

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