Introducing Smart Rules 🧠

Introducing Smart Rules :brain:

You can now pre-select which payments go where…
Want groceries automatically charged to the joint account? Done.

Want purchases over £100 to go on the credit card? Done.

Pick up to 3 Smart Rules and shop on autopilot with Curve.


  1. Get the latest version of the Curve app, open it and hit the slider icon in the top right corner.

  2. Choose your rules based on category or the amount you want to spend.

  3. Choose which credit or debit card you want to charge each rule to, excluding your Curve Cash card.

Need a hand setting up your rules?
Check our in-depth FAQs for everything you need to know.



It’s announced on Twitter as well


I’m sorry but… 3 rules only?! I do hope it would be possible to have “dumb” rules with selecting currency only… :roll_eyes:


I have set up more than three and I was not stopped.
I will try making a transaction for the last rule and see what happens


are you able to create a rule with just a currency?

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I haven’t seen any currency rule. (iOS)

Help pages on Smart Rules:

For now only rules based on category or amount it seems.

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Uhm, that´s somewhat disappointing. Though probably my use case (having multiple currency cards in Curve) is not that popular though.

On the other side - do people really have multiple cards in single currency and then have them linked in Curve and select them depending on the type/amount of transaction? What’s the purpose of it?


Looks like it depends on your subscription tier. I’m on the free tier. I’m assuming you are too? So black / Metal it must be unlimited.


It does not depend on your subscription tier. For now there is no restriction on the number of rules you are allowed to set up.

EDIT 4th of May.

Apparently there is a restriction on the number of rules one can create on the free plan that isn’t mentioned in the help pages. :point_down:t2:

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Really hope the fact that Smart Rules is in Beta means they’ll soon add different types of Rules other than Category and Amount.

Especially since the automatic category assignment is often inaccurate.

Really really need Merchant Name rules, and Currency rules.

Until then, Smart Rules feels very half baked and not that useful. Which is a shame given it’s been in development for ages.

My use cases that aren’t met with the current version of Smart Rules:

  1. I have several cashback cards. Certain merchants/MCC codes aren’t eligible for cashback on one card, but are on another.

  2. I’d love to have all e.g. EUR transactions go on my Euro card. This would allow me to avoid the weekend Forex fees that Curve charges! I assume Curve hasn’t introduced this for this exact reason.

  3. Using/Not using a card depending on the amount spent on the card during the statement period (and/or my remaining credit limit). e.g. My Virgin Atlantic credit card only earns points up to my credit limit every cycle. It’d be great to automatically not spend on the card once I’ve spent the credit limit etc.


I could use a Smart rule to send transactions to card A between the 1st and the 20th of the month and to card B otherwise ie between the 21st and month end.



week day rule also will be welcome

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Rules based on name of transaction would also be helpful, like some grocery shops that constantly get tagged as “Eating out” or Netflix, that is tagged bills (in my head it’s entertainment) HBO Max is flagged as shopping…

Will be hard to do anything useful for me with this, but I really hope that now when smart rules are in place, it will be pretty easy for the devs to add more rules



And most of the time, especially for recurring transaction I simply avoid using Curve as it makes absolutely no sense (why risk being charged on my PLN card for recurring EUR transaction when I can simply use EUR card and avoid any exchange…). When travelling it’s less of an issue because I’m more or less switching to different currency so I can switch the card in the app for particular period but that’s about it…


The rules are too limiting.

I would like rules based on retailers.

Eg: I have monthly recurring subscriptions with Apple. Every month I have to go back in time and put the payments on my business card.

I’d like to create a rule for all payments to Apple to come from my NatWest card.


It’s great. But it’s greater if there’s a “currency rule”…


This new functionality is useless. The only criteria are category and amount, neither of which have any significant use cases. Category is often unpredictable and most transactions are unhelpfully categorised as “business services” anyway, making them indistinguishable from each other. Far more useful would be currency and merchant.

For example, I always want EUR to go to my EUR credit card. And I always want particular merchants to go to my business debit card. And I always want GBP debit-fronted credit to go to my points-earning GBP credit card. I have the impression that Curve has put little thought into ascertaining the likely use cases.


A few betas ago, the “Category” option was marked as “Merchant or Category”, and there was a search bar where you could try to search, I assume for a merchant name. However, this had the extra feature of crashing the app every time you tried to search for anything.

So I think it’s possible that the merchant search is planned and they just found some internal issues when working through it. Hopefully it wasn’t canned, it’s probably the single most useful rule they could have.