Invalid CVC and I can’t go further

I post this in the Bug section ,but no one answer me .Hopefully here I will grab the attention of the service team of Curve.
So, I tried to add my first VISA Debit card to the Curve app and the validation transaction appeared normally in my bank account.

But now, every time I open the app and try to verify it, I get an “Invalid CVC” error. I can only “Try again”, which fails and displays the error again, and “Add another card”. I tried to add the same card again, but it says that I can’t add this card to Curve.

Is it normal that they were able to make the verification transaction in my account and the card cannot being added to Curve?
I saw many people had this problem but I couldn’t find solution .Please someone help ,Curve app seems to be interesting for me ,and I don’t want to loose this interest…

try to delete and reinstall app

Thank you,this helped !