Investing. Surely this is wrong

I wrote to Curve this week. Told them I was a free Black card holder going to invest £1000+ and what would happen if I didn’t keep up the metal subscription after a year.

Their reply is below. Surely as a black card holder they aren’t going to downgrade me to blue after…

Curve’s reply…

Thanks for getting in touch and for your interest in investing in Curve!

People who invest £1000 will receive a Metal Investor card and a year subscription to our Curve Metal tier, the two are separate benefits. After your subscription has expired you will be moved to our Curve Blue plan but keep your investor metal card. You will not be issued a replacement Curve Blue card and can keep using your Metal Investor card.

We are looking into how we will migrate our Curve Black Legacy customers after the subscription and will aim to have an answer for you by the time we go live next week. We are running a Crowdcube Investor Discussion forum which will open on the 3rd September at 10am, and we will be able to provide an answer by then if you would like to submit this and any other questions.

I hope that clears up any confusion.

If there’s anything else we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Well the simple answer in your case, if you want to keep your Black legacy card, is do not invest. Or, as someone else suggested, only invest a small amount and keep the rest back for paying £150 a year to keep the Metal subscription going…

I don’t want to keep my black legacy card. I’m not on legacy. I moved to black.

So now I’m black. I invest £3K and after 12 months they say thanks a lot mate, now bugger off to blue.

It’s nuts!

I should move back to where I was. Black.


Well, as least you know the situation now before you invest. So you can make an informed decision.

Seems daft but to me, but reading between the lines, it looks like you must invest less than £1,000 to stay on the Black Legacy tier. But it’s still not 100% clear.

He’s not Black legacy… he’s just black tier :slight_smile:

So I go from black and give them money to grow the company and they thank me by throwing me to blue.

It makes 0 sense.

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No, you will continue as black as long as you continue paying your £9.99 subscription each month when your free metal subscription comes to an end after 12 months period.

I think this :point_up:t2: is also interesting and different from what has been written here before… not only keeping the investor metal card, but also being able to keep using it (after the 12 months period).

I suppose it’s speaks volumes to me that I am not in the slightest bit surprised by this…

After supporting curve for as long as you have, referring others to curve (enough to get free Curve Black) and then investing a not so small amount, Curve will screw you over and take away the ‘free for life Curve Black’ that you have already earnt, because you won’t play ball and pay them £15 per month. Surely they realise that very few if any customers on free a Curve Black will move to metal. Doing so would result in paying £15 just for lounge key, cash back on three more retailers and a metal card.

Speaking of the metal card, the response you received saying you could continue using it completely contradicts the info they have provided on this forum.

Well I suppose it was only a matter of time before curve made some poor decisions again.


Thank you BELLS.

You get it!

Mmmmmm. I get it too now. This decision from Curve does seem odd. Oh well, something for them to add to the agenda to discuss at their office meeting on Mondsy morning! :grinning:

Totally get it…I’m not on legacy or free black but I was horrified at the way they were going to treat legacy black customers before (the Apple Pay debacle is just one example) and I don’t want to be a part of or use, let alone invest, in a company that thinks it’s ok to treat its customers that way.

To now do this just leaves me speechless. I can’t see me getting passed this…even if they backtrack (again) I’m done…how can they think it is ok to make those decisions in the first place.

On Curve metal but only until the 6 months is up (2 months to go).

An investment opportunity with nothing added, bolted on or included would have been a neater, clearer option.

No distracting argument and frustration around tiers. There’s enough of that already :hushed:.


Completely agree. The product (tiers etc.) was already more than complex than it needed to be. This just makes it so much worse and created an opportunity for them to get it wrong again, at least in the eyes of a (probably large) number of customers.

It also seems to be encouraging people to invest, where they otherwise may not have…that isn’t really a good thing.

Today I received a second update from curve which is totally different to the first reply they gave above.

I was going to invest but this has put me off. I’m not going from black to blue because I decide to invest in Curve.

Utter madness.

I am very sorry for any confusion and just want to follow from the previous response you received to answer all of your questions.

1: Do I keep the metal card without the privileges or do I return the red plastic or black card?
If you are eligible for a free Curve Metal plan and at the end of the free plan choose to downgrade to Curve Black or Curve Blue, you will be issued with a standard Curve card to match the tier that you have downgraded to. Your Limited Edition Curve Metal Investor card will be deactivated after 15 days or once your new card has been activated, whichever happens first.

2: Do I return to my free black tier?
We will continue to follow our current company policy that those customers currently on free Curve Black subscriptions who move off these plans either to upgrade or downgrade, will not be able to move back to a free Curve Black plan at a later date.

You can still invest in Curve, however, if you choose to switch to an eligible Curve Metal Investor card and free Curve Metal plan, you will not be able to move back to free Curve Black once the plan has ended.


Had a similar response too.

Was intending on putting a few grand in, but seeing as I’ll now lose my free Black I won’t be investing. Not going to take a punishment for being an investor :roll_eyes:

Didn’t even want Curve Metal for free anyway. The metal investor card was a nice touch, but not if they deactivate it after a year… Ridiculous.


I have legacy black and I’m thinking I won’t invest at all now just because I don’t want to risk losing what I already have. Not worth it for a different colored card and some giveaway swag.

I just don’t get it. You are being penalised for investing.

More so than any other tier.

Same here. Legacy Black card holder. I was going to invest a few £K, but luckily I saw this thread. It’s ludicrous, it’s a catchout, that penalises early adopters. I’ll be giving this a miss as a result

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