Investor Badge

Please can we get Investor badge to?

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And the cards. I’d like a badge and a new card.

If a bookies was willing to take my bet…I’d put £100 on Curve not issuing investor cards until at least Q2 2020. Pretty confident I’d make a better return on that than if I’d invested in Curve.

I am seriously amazed at the lack of “rewards”.
I got so many emails, all the links are now dead, that said invest, it’ll be amazing.
My share cert was issued 23 October, ever since we paid they’ve gone quiet.

5/1 never issued at all £10.


I received mine. You will receive yours as well soon. Keep in mind that are thousands of investors which were not prepared for. So, a bit of patience and you will get yours.:ok_hand:

Please can we get Investor badge to?
Membership accepted in “Investrors”

What happens if you select the title Crowdfunding Investor under Account>Preferences?

Nothing, there is no such thing.

I checked your profile. And that you can’t see the title is because you are not a member of the Crowdfunding Investors community group yet. You first have to request access.

Ok, why?

That I don’t know. But that’s for sure the reason that you don’t see the title/badge (yet).

Request access to the group and your profile should be eligible for the badge. I’d get in touch with support if you incur further issues, I know some investor accounts didn’t like to their community accounts automatically so it may be a manual action required from Curve.

Hello @Curve_Marie,
Can I join a group that I have been a member of for weeks in principle?

Of course! You’re now an official investor :smiley: :tada:

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THX! :sunglasses: