Investor card activation

Hello! I received the email that my investor card is on its way a few days ago. In the email there was a paragraph saying ‘The temptation to digitally activate…stronger!’. Well out of curiosity i wanted to see whether i had that option. When i click on the ‘account’ tab in the app i dont see that option.

Anyone else?


The option will probably appear once you update the Curve app (or will be due in the next update). I don’t see it either so it may appear on an account basis once investor cards get shipped.


Hey there! This option is not available to you because your investor card has not been dispatched yet. As soon as we dispatch it, you’ll see the option in-app!

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Yes I also looked and was also told it was ‘on its way’…apparently not!!

I want to activate the new card I received today but it asks for the last four digits from the back of the card, but there aren’t any numbers!?

I received a red ‘Investor’ card today. It is obviously contactless and has my name on the back but nothing else! What am I supposed to do with it?

You have to update the app.

I had the latest beta app version but I had to install the App Store version instead.

How long did it take your card to arrive?

I had to quit the app on iOS before the card activation for the investor card appeared properly, even though the app had updated a couple of days ago.

Is this the metal investor card? I invested 1K some time last year and as yet, have heard nothing about the investor cards. Am sort of wondering if I ever will…

I’m going to think positive thoughts and hope to receive my investor card by June… Receiving it a full year after I invested would be regrettable. But let’s think happy thoughts. Here’s to investor card by June :slight_smile:

You can drop the support team an email

Not sure how/why, but I received two investor cards today… as there’s no card number or details (other than my name) I’ve no idea which to use.

Also, really disappointing how basic the design is - the standard blue card was the nicest looking thing in my wallet, this one is now the ugliest.

I would double check they dont have business/commercial on the back as there are reports they have been showing up again.

They have the same name on the back?

Just to make sure you didint recive someone else card

I got two as well. Both business too.

You don’t have to activate it.

Hi all, first post here.

Does activating the investor card replaces the previous card? Rendering the old one useless?

Also, why does it say “business“ on the back of this new card?

Yes, it does.

If your previous one wasn’t a business one, that probably is a mistake. But a couple of other customers (and users on this community) have also received a business one and I guess probably are all waiting for a definitive answer from Curve on that.