Investor card activation

Yes, it does.

If your previous one wasn’t a business one, that probably is a mistake. But a couple of other customers (and users on this community) have also received a business one and I guess probably are all waiting for a definitive answer from Curve on that.

Thanks for the answers here! Much appreciated.

I received 2 investor cards in the mail today… How and why? I activated a card in my app. How do I know which one I activated? Or can I use both and keep one as a backup?

Received red card today. Activated but like others here, it says business on the back (it isn’t) and the app does not provide expiry or CVV details, so now unable to use online !!!

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Thank you. That should not be necessary, but it worked for me. Cheers

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Would activating the red investor card change your current free Curve Black plan?

Activating your red investor card will not have any influence on your subscription type.

I just received the Red Investor Card. I am outside of the UK. What will happen with the Google Pay Card issued to my old-blue Card when I activate the new Card? According to the RFID data from the Red Card - the BIN code is the same: 537590. Will I still be able to use Google Pay with the new Card?

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And what are the digits 7 and 8 of your new investor card? Those determine the country of the card. My legacy black has the BIN 5375 9000, so a UK BIN and though I am living in the Netherlands I have been able to add it to GooglePay (and pay contactless with it in a store).

My guess (but I am definitely not sure yet) is that if my Red Investor Card (that I still have to receive) has the same BIN, that I will be able to add it to GooglePay and pay contactless with it in a store. This because it has been possible again recently to add Curve cards with UK BIN though living outside the UK (and pay contactless with it in a store).
But I don’t want to be the first person to test it… :wink:

It’s the same 5375 9000 (UK). So, the old Card in Google Play stops working? Will I be able to add the new Card? The country of the Card is always determined by BIN, not by address in the Curve system? :slight_smile:

If you activate the Red Investor Card the old card will stop working.

I guess yes, but as stated in my previous post I am definitely not sure.

The country of the card is determined by the BIN.

I have the same number

I can be the testperson
My card should arrive latest on monday

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That would be great! :+1:t2:

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To activate Google Pay you have to call Curve and give your detals!

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I have activated my new Investor Card and add it to Google Pay. There was only one possibility to verify me - by a phone call to the UK. During the phone call, the Agent changes the verification method for me to the SMS verification and it works!


I did the same