Investor card email

A friend of mine received an email from Curve a few days ago asking him about his investor card options.

I invested the same figure as him (£1,000) and I’ve had no such email.

Should we have all received emails by now?

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Yes. If you have not received an email from Curve on the address you have registered with Crowdcube yet (also check your spam folder), you should contact support (

Thank you. Support contacted.

As I’m waiting what are my options?

Currently Free Black abs invested £1000

Keep current black or upgrade to metal and get metal investor card. You cannot go back to free black if you choose to upgrade.

Yea. Think I’ll stick with my current black card. The red investor card looks nasty and I’m not going to upgrade only to be booted to blue in a year.

The metal offering just isn’t good enough at the moment. By a long shot.


I agree with you.

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What is the subject of the email?

Matthew, we need you!

Replace Matthew with your name.

Does anyone know what are the limits and benefits for Metal Investor and Black Legacy? Could we get a table comparing the cards (for Curve team)?

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Speak to curve directly curve acknowledge I’m an investor now cause my community login now has me as investor so I should have had an email regardless if you invested £10 or £10,000 you have options you have right to choose investor card or no investor card etc etc

Don’t think that shows up for me, but my crowdcuve, curve card and curve community email addresses are all different (I don’t generally use the same email address for different things).

If you would like it to show up :point_down:t2:

This will also give you access to the dedicated category :point_down:t2:

Not fussed about the showing up bit but happy to have access to the dedicated space. Thanks. I’ve requested access.

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I’m still waiting for:

  1. Investor card
  2. Investor badge

Investor Card still has to be send out (so no one received it yet). You should have received a questionnaire by email about this. :point_down:t2:

Investor badge can be requested :point_down:t2:

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I didnt see the email until now because it was in my spam folder, so i answered to it today although it says the deadline was yesterday.

Is this a huge problem?

It’s not a problem :slight_smile: Your card will simply be a part of a later production batch

If you reply on the day the email said the deadline date when would the card come out cause I’m metal customer so presume it’s a black metal investor card when will it be issued around ? Would there be spare batch just Incase the card had to be reissued

It’s March 8th, and I’ve no email questionnaire. Checked my spam and other folders - nothing.

I’ve asked for badge status and access to the dedicated area. I only found this group after someone replied in the Crowdcube page. I’m guessing others are less informed. Can these emails be sent out again for those not yet responded?

Is there an update on how many people are yet to get this email and haven’t responded, or what the email specifically contained?