Investor cards - Design

I was really happy with my old BLACK card style, but then I got this RED nonsense, and currently its the worst looking card in my wallet. Are there any plans to create something nicer? Honestly, it feels like an investor card was designed by my 4yo daughter.


Yeah it’s not a nice design nor does the card look in the least bit professional. It’s a shame.

I would of preferred to have the original black card with the word investor written in a red accent on the front. Sure have the no numbers and no signature strip if they must.


You should see the other designs they considered…


Yep. They were some pretty hideous designs!

To be honest until I was told I would actually get the black metal investor card, I had absolutely no intention at all of using the red investor card. Would have instantly made it into the number one spot as most ugly card in my wallet :frowning:

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Just received my red investor card, and must say I’m thoroughly underwhelmed. Mainly because it doesn’t display a card number / expiry date!

Is that the same for everyone or have I been given a faulty one?

that’s by design, they are numberless card - details live in the app.

I really like it. I have 5/6 cards that are all the same dark color. Having it red makes it easy to find.
I also ordered a food delivery and forgot to update the details, and the guy needs to give the numbers to his boss over the phone. No numbers on card. All on app. It’s next to show pin in the menu.
My only thing which is not major is having a watch app just to display the card details if my phones flat.

It’s a matter of opinion. Lots of people like red design, see posts in other threads… And the numberless design is supposed to be benefit (the newest trend very rarely available elsewhere), not a fault. :grinning::wink:

Got mine yesterday. Looks better than expected. It’s a standard MC plastic card with Curve’s simple, minimalistic design. Anyway, I’m not going to take out from my wallet too often, since I use Apple Pay for at least 9 out of 10 transactions.

Thanks to Apple Pay my wallet hasn’t even left the house in over 8 weeks! Now that’s security

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