Investor Profile Badge

Our verified crowdfunding investors now have the official badge and title! :smiley:


If you haven’t received your badge yet, please send us a membership request and we’ll verify your account :smile:

Beta Testers can choose their own title, just head to your account-preferences to update it :wrench:



Ohh I like this!


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Let see if I have my badge now :vulcan_salute:


Thanks @Curve_Marie!


That’s nice. :+1:

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It’s been on the community here for a week or two now…

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An email would have been nice? I don’t have the time to read everything here!


An update was sent out last Friday, from Curve, with the Subject “We owe you an update”


Not to me, it seems!

Drop the investor team an email, I’m sure they’ll get it sorted for you;

Yes, they will :smile:

any news about investor cards? :grin:

The normal business resumes tomorrow so hopefully we get some info this week.

Based on what @Curve_Marie said in mid December, the red plastic ones should be ready between 21st Jan and 4th Feb. For the metal card it said “a bit longer”, but you will receive the red card in the meantime.

Since the investment was made through the Crowdcube platform, we are working out the best way to match the cards with current customers, while giving the option to opt-out of getting the new card :slight_smile: There are also investors who are not customers (yet), that we need to identify as well.

We aim to solve it and send out information within the next two weeks so we can start shipping the cards :smiley:

that be good if you can start shipping within the next two weeks since we have all been waiting since funding closed on the 03/09/2019

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Are you seriously telling us that Curve has failed to consider delivery of incentives to investors?

What kind of marketing or PR message do you want to send by telling us that you’re only working out how to deliver to investors four months after the event?

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The plastic was ordered for the limited investor cards after the investment round was closed. It has now arrived and we can start the production :smiley: