Investor rewards and Curve Black Legacy

I’m currently on the Curve Black Legacy plan. Does anyone know if investing and getting either the Curve Investor card or the Metal Investor card will end this plan? If so, do we have the option to invest but not accept a change in the plan and continue on Curve Black Legacy?

Yes, your legacy plan will end.

If you want to keep your plan, invest less than £1000.

The Curve Investor card won’t change anything as that is just a card which you can choose to reject and keep your existing card if you wish. Your plan remains the same whether you accept the card or not.

The metal investor card is different as if you invest enough for that, you would be put on the Curve Metal tier for free for the specified period of time.

As a result there are two specific questions you need answering (I don’t believe they have been yet):

  1. If you move to Curve Metal, can you return to Legacy Black once the free period has ended?
  2. If no, can you choose to stay on your current tier and reject the free curve metal offer.

Personally I think they will say yes to question 2 as it means they don’t have to give something for free. Question 1 I’m not sure about though…they’ve always said if you move from Legacy Black then you can’t move back.


I doubt they’ve bothered to think about that. They don’t appear to have thought about any of the investor rewards packages at all.

I’m only investing £500 to keep my Legacy tier intact. Happy to have the new Investor red debit card because my current black card is on its last legs anyway!!

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Was there ever a definitive answer to this question?

They won’t be transparent on this regards. It’s only a piece of metal with no added value that can outweigh the current Black (Legacy), aside that you pay for the benefits so it’s already devalued in my view.

,yeah that first Curve " BETA" card

hmm that days, :slightly_smiling_face:

sorry carrie one