Investor Rewards Update

We. are. Thrilled. that so many of you have invested in Curve. Thanks to your investment and the huge amount of support we have received, we have a 2020 roadmap that’s packed with new features and innovative products as we build our Over-The-Top Banking platform with the mission of moving banking to the cloud. The future is bright, investor. We’re glad you’re with us on our journey.

We wanted to show our appreciation to you as an investor and to our incredible investor community and do something to say thank you. This is why we are delighted to present you with something special…

Where’s my card?
Fear not. All of our investors who live in the EEA will get a Curve Limited Edition Investor Card.
Your Curve limited edition investor card is in production.
It’s unique.
It’s innovative.
It’s the first of its kind in Europe.
It’s worth the wait.

I’m expecting a plastic Curve card: You’ll have it in 6-8 weeks.
I’m expecting a metal Curve card: If you invested £1000 or more, you’ll get a stunning, special edition, Curve Metal Investor Card. The production process for metal cards takes a bit longer, and produced in the USA, so you’ll get a special edition Red Investor plastic Curve card to hold you over.

Walk the walk, like an investor.
An investment of £500+, lands you a Curve swag pack which will land at your doorstep in a couple of weeks. Please ensure your registered address matches your address entered on Crowdcube. If you need to change your address, please contact our customer support team at

What if I’m not a Curve customer?
You don’t need to wait for your Investor Card to sign up to Curve. You can download the free Curve App here, select your Curve card and join almost a million happy customers who are enjoying financial freedom.

What if I don’t want an Investor Card?
Why wouldn’t you?! :wink: You’ll be missing out on something truly unique! But whether you’re a Curve Blue, Curve Black or Curve Metal cardholder and you’re not interested in receiving an Investor Card, please contact us at to let us know.

When does my free Curve Metal plan start?
If your Investor Rewards grant you free use of Curve Metal and you’re already on a metal subscription, your free plan will begin once your Curve Metal Investor Card has been received and activated by you. If you are on Curve Blue or Curve Black, the free subscription will start once the card has been dispatched and you can start using the metal tier benefits.

We appreciate your patience, and are excited to deliver your investor’s rewards. Thank you all of you for your continued love and support of Curve. We couldn’t have made it without you.

The Investor Profile Badge is ready to go! If you don’t have yours yet, please send us a membership request and we’ll verify your account :slight_smile:


I used another email to invest (not the same as the curve account). Is that a problem?

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No problem at all, you’ll still receive the email :smile: The emails are being sent out in batches now. It might take a little while before it reaches your inbox.

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The plastic investor cards is that red one or has it been updated?

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It’s the red one :smiley:

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Thanks for the update. I’ve just sent a message to opt out.


Me too, Red is not my color :slight_smile:

Thanks for finally updating all of us with regard to this. Hoping that the improvement in features and communication is a sign of what’s to come.

If my free metal subscription starts when I receive the new investor card, will I loose the unexpired portion of my current subscription? Also will I be able to continue to use my existing metal card?


Maybe you can give us posibility to use both cards (old one, and investor) with same account and plan? For example R offering multiple cards linked into same account.
It will be also a opportunity to prepare your system to offer cards in different scheme like Maestro or Vpay (which can be useful in countries like Germany or Netherlands) in future (as extra paid option).


Thanks for the update!

May I ask what’s so unique about the card that makes it different to anything else in Europe?


What was the winning investor card design in the end?

New card means new card number too, right?

Not necessarily. When I had a replacement card sent (due to the old one being damaged) the card number was the same.

Even the CVV/CVC?

That was different. Think it has to be.

Ok, so that might lead to problems, when you don’t live in the UK, but have been able to add your Curve Card to GooglePay (this has been possible, if you had the right BIN, during a couple of days after the official announcement, but now is not possible anymore). If your Investor card has a different card number or even only a different CVC/CVV, you, if not living in the UK, probably will not be able to add your Investor card to GooglePay.

Just for clarity,

So metal card investors will get a red “plastic” one in the meantime (or can we use our metal red ones at present?)? - I assume metal cards about 10/12 weeks away by sounds of it.

Secondly, this subscription business, if it is till the metal investor card arrives I will be having to renew my current membership next month (meaning £150 spent when expected not to?) or am I misreading this?

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Can someone refresh my memory. If I decide on taking the investor card, will that card overwrite my legacy black’s feature?

If you mean the Curve Metal Investor card then after that Metal subscription ends you will return to Curve Blue. This scenario has been discussed extensively on this community.
If you mean the Curve Plastic Investor card that (in my opinion) should not have any influence on your subscription. But I do not think that this last scenario was discussed before on this community. So would be nice if a Curve employee could confirm this.