Investor Rewards Update

I might just use it as interim for my red metal in meantime / was debating if going from red metal to red interim plastic is worth it, when due metal investor card in future…

I want to keep my Curve Black Card. Don’t want the metal one. Hope there is a way to do that?

Check the opening post… :face_with_monocle:


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merry xmas and happy new year u too

There is a really simple reason. Because I have to re-add my card at least 10 places from PayPal to Amazon. It just doesn’t worth the effort. Would be nice if we could use two cards until the original one expires.

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Here is the metal offering. (I’ve shown the plastic card so for fairness.)


Thanks for the update! I have a question about the new red metal Investor card.

Is it the same ‘texture’ as the Curve Metal red offering currently? What I mean by that is, the Curve Metal red card has a ‘brushed’ texture, almost like loads of little scratches (which sounds bad, but I am just trying to describe the intentional effect). The image of this new card looks like it’s a smooth red but just want to check!

There is no red metal investor card.

There is red plastic Investor card or black metal investor card. From the looks the black metal card is not brushed .

Thanks Malik! Looks like I completely misread the original investor comms :slight_smile:

:point_up: We’ll show you the plastic and metal card so you’ll know what your option is :smile:

Hi Marie,

Any update on ETA of red plastic “interim” card and same going for Metal card (as an metal investor myself)

Just saw post above / article, so within two weeks we should get ETA?


Can you please advise?
I currently have the Curve metal plan on an annual contract and I am due the Curve Metal investor card for life, will you refund the difference in my membership fees once I receive the new investor card?

I’m pretty sure it is almost been 6-8 weeks since Curve said that the new card with be with us within the 6-8 week timeframe.

Personally I have not been contacted by the customer services about the new card.

Anyways, the communication from Curve is still not great …

It’s 5 weeks tomorrow that they announced the 6-8 week timeframe.

There is someone living abroad (UK), who already received his Curve swag package? I from Poland, and i still waiting…

Give them until the end of Jan at least.

Just had my email asking to verify my email address for a Curve Investor card.
I invested less than the £1000 amount, so presumably I get a Curve plastic card, but I have an existing subscription for a Curve Metal card - so what Investor card will I receive?

Would be nice to know if getting an investor card will have your existing card number and expiry dates or will be all new. The CVV, if it’s a new one, it’s ok.

Hi I am also interested If anyone in UK received their swag bag?? Been waiting ages!

Hello everyone, have just joined the community and read through this thread which asks all the same questions that I have had. Have asked Curve for their answers which have not been helpful. I am beginning to think that maybe I made a mistake in investing. :frowning:

p.s I have had my so called swag bag and dislike it - why on earth did they make everything black and are the ladies really expected to wear those awful socks? Not only do I dislike it but so does everyone that I have offered the various things to.