Investors question's response on Crowdcube

Hi Curve team,
While you have closed the crowdfunding on Crowdcube, I can see that lots of questions are pending to be answered by Curve team. Any idea when you are planning to respond?


I am really disappointed to see that no one from Curve management is bother to respond here or crowdcube. To be honest it is very disrespectful as investors are spending their time in asking questions as well investing their money and yet Curve management doesn’t care…

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I’m probably going to pull my investment. No transparency in the whole process. Not a good sign of things to come


I’m still waiting for payment to be processed, does the platform give an actual ETA? I think would be extreme to pull investment at this stage, as this whole venture is a new one for Curve so need to see how they cope / is not one for the risk adverse either way.

Crowdcube will send articles of association and a fact sheet for review. You then have 7 days to reply if you no longer wish to invest.

After that, they will send you an email saying the payment will be taken within 24 hours.

Hi Tinku333,

Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in our raise.

As you can imagine we’ve had an unprecedented number of questions and inquiries in response to our raise. I apologise for any delay in response you may have experienced.

I wanted to check you had received a response to your question on the discussion forum?

@charlie.hammond, not yet

Thanks for checking back in on this @Tinku333. Could you please repost your question on this thread?

There are lots of questions outstanding on crowdcube but I am interested in this specific question (subject Profit):

“I am little bit confused how curve will make any money /profit as in current model curve is charging from Retailers Debit card fee for the transactions done by the consumers but paying credit card charges/fee to underline consumers credit card?? Of course there are some paid options like Metal/black etc but I doubt that more than 10% curve customers will be on those plans and those will cover the difference.
So curve team could you please advise how you are planning to generate profit in current model?”

Thanks @Tinku333.

Unfortunately this is sensitive information which we are not able to publicly disclose. We are not looking to generate large profits on interchange fees rather simply cover costs as we scale the business and platform spend. For the moment we are targeting additional revenue channels for the business from subscriptions, Curve credit, and Curve boost.

I hope this provides some more clarity for you.


@charlie.hammond, unfortunately it doesn’t help. Atleast could you please confirm if you are not losing any money from interchange fee perspective I.e. debit card transaction fee charged is atleast equal to fee paid by you to credit card provider (of curve customers)?

What is slightly concerning me at the moment is the sudden decrease in £6m investment now at about £5.95m, hopefully the shares are released soon without any further service disruptions or I am worried it’ll start to go down much quicker.

It’s been going up and down between £5.95m and £6m since the day it opened. I assume that a few people decide to pull out, then they probably let in a few more that have expressed interest.

True, I’ve kept eye on now and noticed changes up and down! I more just want the shares to be issued already. I haven’t been advised of any ETA by curve.

I’ve just added a comment on there asking for an update. It’s been 10 days since it officially closed, and except for a couple of self-congratulatory emails, there has been very little in terms of updates. One of the Curve team members posted that we would receive more information yesterday in response to one of the comments, but still nothing.


The timetable is out of their control now.

Crowdcube can really take ages to sort it all out, from personal experience

Hi, I made a small investment and expected to see documents at this point; however, I note that the payment processing update has gone; instead offer me the opportunity to invest more? Feeling slightly confused!

Crowdcube have advised it will take up to 2/3 weeks to release shares.

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