Invoice card number

I have a question :thinking:. I want to add a business visa card in the Curve app. When i pay on POS with the curve card , which card will be display on the invoice, the curve or the business card. I need the card number in the invoice to be the business visa card. Does it work that way ?

It will display the Curve card details as that’s the card you paid with.

It works a bit like a PayPal transaction. PayPal pay for your item first then bill your card or your bank account for the money. It’s likewise with Curve. They pay for the transaction first then immediately bill your nominated card for the balance.


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What @patrice58 said is correct, if you need your business card to be shown for the invoice then that won’t be shown through Curve, only your Curve card details. Although the details of the transaction (not full card number, however) will be available in the app if that helps for your invoices! :slight_smile:

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