iOS 12: forces me to upgrade but I can't do it

Issue: (one-sentence summary) forces me to upgrade but the upgrade fails since iOS 12 is no longer supported.

How to reproduce it:

After launching, all I see is a blank screen forcing to upgrade. Upon pressing the “upgrade” button, I’m redirected to the App Store application. After pressing “update” there, a popup show suggesting to download an older version of an app. And after selecting “Download older version”, nothing happens but I’m presented with the same popup again.


iOS 12.5.5


iPhone 6

App version:



Curve has dropped iOS 12 support, if you cannot download iOS 13 onto your iPhone, you cannot use the app no more

Well, locking me out of my money isn’t exactly what a banking app does.

So, no, it’s not just “you are doomed, get lost”. A solution must be found.

With all due respect, the iPhone 6 is 7 years old. Technology moves on and curve isn’t the only one dropping iOS 12.

The solution; upgrade your iPhone!

Mate, your respect or other sentiments are irrelevant here.

There was a working app on this phone, and then, with no interactions or ToS violations from the user, it just grabs our money. It’s really a cause for legal action, so, please, don’t spam.