IOS 15 new curve app access and forgot passcode not working

I don’t normally need to use the curve community, but I’m defiantly frustrated with no support response.

I updated to IOS15 and the Curve app updated I believe. Anyway, I had to re initialise the app, enter phone number, enter response texted code and then my app 4 digit pin. Well that didn’t work, It was correct as I store these on 1Password, so I know it current. I tried some more options incase I was going mad, nothing. Once I was able to reuse the pin entry I tried to press ‘forgot passcode’ and nothing happened, still I isn’t working. Deleted the app, re installed and tried again. None of the tried processes are working.

I messaged support Friday morning, they sent me the automated response and then nothing. So I can’t do much with my Curve account, which is really annoying and inconvenient. Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone find a work around? For the record, I went through the same process on my iPadPro and the outcome was the same.

Thank you for any help you can give. Really need to turn a card off! :blush:

Well, nearly a week now and no response from support and nothing on curve community. I’ve now had to remove curve from active accounts as I can’t control it. If it doesn’t get sorted I guess I’ll have to try and close the account. Shame really.