IOS 15 new curve app access and forgot passcode not working

I don’t normally need to use the curve community, but I’m defiantly frustrated with no support response.

I updated to IOS15 and the Curve app updated I believe. Anyway, I had to re initialise the app, enter phone number, enter response texted code and then my app 4 digit pin. Well that didn’t work, It was correct as I store these on 1Password, so I know it current. I tried some more options incase I was going mad, nothing. Once I was able to reuse the pin entry I tried to press ‘forgot passcode’ and nothing happened, still I isn’t working. Deleted the app, re installed and tried again. None of the tried processes are working.

I messaged support Friday morning, they sent me the automated response and then nothing. So I can’t do much with my Curve account, which is really annoying and inconvenient. Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone find a work around? For the record, I went through the same process on my iPadPro and the outcome was the same.

Thank you for any help you can give. Really need to turn a card off! :blush:

Well, nearly a week now and no response from support and nothing on curve community. I’ve now had to remove curve from active accounts as I can’t control it. If it doesn’t get sorted I guess I’ll have to try and close the account. Shame really.

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Hi there,
I had the same situation and nothing. It is quite annoying that the UI is not working properly and nothing is done about it.

@Curve_Sam - @Magda - @saul.

Do you have any way of looking at this bug?

Hi Yucando. Eventually customer services did respond and they fixed it straight away. I couldn’t do anything at my end. Since they reset the app, Curve has been working fine. It is frustrating, just keep pushing at customer services, they will respond.

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Hi Mattia, I couldn’t find a way, I kept pushing customer services and eventually they responded and fixed it immediately. Keep emailing customer services.

Hi @keef,

So has the bug been fixed? In the previous message I mentioned some devs :slight_smile:

Thanks for flagging this @keef, I’m sorry it took so long for us to get back to you - I’m glad our support team were able to resolve the issue for you. Also thanks for the follow up @Mattia.

We’ve just fixed a bug with the “Forgot Passcode” button, which prevented a “Contact Support” prompt from showing up. I’ll push an updated 3.19.0 beta build to TestFlight later with the hotfix.


Thank you and thank you for letting me know. All is good

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