Ios 3.16.0 View your Curve limits not showing on account

Last couple of days, transactions got rejected with error:
“Your curve spending limits has been reached. Please review them in your account space”

But there is no “View your curve limits” on account tab. Only “Card Limits” that shows general spend limits for countries (which i havent reached).

I open a support ticket but noone replies and its been 5 days now… Any ideas how to check my curve limits?

p.s. I also tried to make a transaction not from apple pay, but with card+PIN but the outcome was the same. I use directly the card i have behind curve, and works fine, so problem is with curve card/app.

Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Try reaching out to them on Twitter @AskCurve I’m seem people do that with great success.

Thanks for your question.

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