iOS 3.4.10 (295) Beta

Hey all :wave:

Today we are updating our public beta build for 3.4.10 ahead of next weeks release. This week we’ve been working on lots of behind the scenes updates getting ready for some future releases, and fixed some minor UI issues.

The biggest change you’ll see immediately is to the wallet where we have restructured the transactions list to allow you to view all transactions for each card without needing to move to the Timeline view.

Any issues please report here, or you can share feedback by taking a screenshot and using the Share Beta Feedback option in Testflight



Sam, thanks for this, I’ve just updated and the wallet view looks really good. One question that hasn’t been answered, is when iOS will be implemented with the same app colouring as what Android was given around Xmas time? Any ideas?


I can’t really give any dates since i’m not the one doing this work :sweat_smile: but we have an early version of the light colour theme and are looking into how we can make this available to beta testers before we roll out to everyone so watch this space!

I’ve been using it on my build and am looking forward to everyone getting to see it :sparkles:


Appreciate it Sam. I’ll keep a look out.

Any ETA on the custom app icons I’ve been campaigning for?!

This sounds interesting - what are these Dan?

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Sounds like a good idea! Hopefully it can be picked up soon!

Yeah. I’d really love it!

Ah, finally there’s an indication of categories in the wallet view!

Now, if there could also be some indication of whether notes or receipts have been added yet that would be great!

Its definitely something we’ve spoken about before (all the devs have metal cards so we’d be keen to have the icon match as well).

You’re right that it is simple from a code point of view, but for some context the complication is UX / Apple: Apple’s app store guidelines require that the icon change be done by a user and not automatically (e.g. we couldn’t automatically update your icon when you upgrade a subscription / get issued a new card etc) so we need to think about where to fit this in the app without crowding the settings / burying it 3 levels deep

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Yeah! absolutely, maybe under the settings tab, and then App Icon?

Monzo do it really well, and I think if you guys can get this sorted for Pride season, and have a pride logo, your support for Pride will be even stronger.

I know you’ve supported pride in the past few years, but this would be awesome!


I’m going to close this thread as we have a new beta out, thanks for all the feedback and make sure to check out the new colour themes in the new beta