iOS 3.4.13 (1566) Beta

Hey everyone :wave:

iOS Curve 3.4.13 (1566) will be pushed out to beta users shortly. We’ve made a lot of updates in this version (some are only visible to beta users for now) and it includes the following changes / fixes:

  • Add logic to reorder virtual cards on Account Pending Approval screen.
  • Adds new referral button to the wallet.
  • Removed badge from wallet when an unactivated Curve card has unverified funding cards.
  • Update wallet icons
  • Improve error messages when Adding a Card
  • Tweaked styling and colours for tab bar.
  • Update transaction data model to include fees.
  • Physical Card order screen fix when no cards are available.
  • Fixed an issue where the send button disappears when creating a support ticket in light and dark colour themes.

We use Feature Flags, which means some of you might be able to access functions that aren’t listed above. They might disappear again while we work on them some more. :ghost:

We appreciate all your help and feedback on bugs so we can deliver the best possible experience. Our product team is actively participating in this topic to incorporate your feedback.

When reporting a bug, please:

  • Check whether it is already reported in the list below
  • Provide a screenshot and short description
  • Provide details on how we can reproduce it
  • Let us know which OS, device and app version you have installed

You can also share feedback by taking a screenshot and using the Share Beta Feedback option in TestFlight.



Is it the part of the upcoming virtual card support?

I think it’s only available to those who create a new account. :thinking:

A zero is missing:


I can see the button add to Apple Wallet even if the card is already present.

Virtual cards? Are they available?

Now, apart of this, a problem, a couple of comments regarding transactions categories:

  1. not sure if it is a bug or it a bad design, and not sure when it started … when looking into “insights” and expanding a category to see the actual operations, if you wan to change the category of one, you cannot do it from here. You need to remember the card and date, then go to the general timeline or the card specific time line, and there you can open the transaction and modify the category. Wouldn’t it make more sense to do it from where you can actually review the categories?

  2. When you open the transaction and change the category, the old one is still shown instead of the new one. It as actually changed and if you close the operation page you will see it changed, but it is confusing. If I change the category I expect to see the change without needing to close the transaction, don’t you think so?


Still no iPad support come on curve

I did not quite understand what is meant. Can they be activated only by new users?

I think they mean added funding cards, like Barclays etc, they’re probably called “virtual” cards rather than the virtual curve cards…