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Yes, exactly.

Yeah I don’t think iOS allows that - it’s a phone setting so when you set it to Dark it turns all the apps to dark (if the app is configured to allow it).

It does allow it. You can set in Gmail for example:

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Ah cool, wasn’t aware. Whats the use case for you? Are you looking to permanently set the Curve app to a specific mode?

Filtering your timeline by currency doesn’t show all currencies you’ve used.
Whereas filtering your timeline by category shows you every potential category, not just ones used.

Wallet transactions don’t have years on them when > 1 Yr old, making them very misleading.

Wallet transactions don’t show accurate amounts, just rounded ones when the transaction is large (and the rounding itself is wrong) - e.g. a transaction for £3050 is shown only as £3.0k.

Yes, I would like to use the dark theme permanently without enabling the dark mode in iOS.

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Hi, I think its been mentioned on another post, but the refunds on the timeline need switching up a bit. I spent £6 in B&Q last week. Went back to swap the item and was refunded £2. On my timeline the original purchase has gone and all I can see is the £2 refund? If I click the refund it then shows that is part of a refund of a £6 transaction, but it would be handy to have this separated out on the timeline?

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Yes, you are right! Look out for a fix in the next Beta version :slight_smile:

As a first iteration, app will respond to dark/light mode phone settings. We might introduce adding an option to change it from the app later, but it’s not something we are planning to release yet.

Thank you for this feedback! It’s very valuable for us. I shared it with the appropriate team.

Yes, we are aware of the feedback on refunds and I can confirm that the work is planned to fix it soon.

Thank you for your feedback so far!


“As a first iteration, app will respond to dark/light mode phone settings. We might introduce adding an option to change it from the app later, but it’s not something we are planning to release yet.”

Sad to hear that. The light theme looks terrible compared to the previous “dark” theme and I’m not going to activate Dark Mode in iOS just to get a proper look for Curve. Looks like I need to stick with 3.4.11 (894).:man_shrugging:t3:

I hope will fix, there are 3 versions that report this thing.

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Anyone else’s in app card details no longer loading following the most recent iOS update?

Yeah, it took me a couple of attempts to get them to show but they did eventually.

It’s an issue of the latest Curve beta, not the iOS. Works fine using 3.4.11.

No issues for me :thinking:

When you first open the app without it having previously being run in the background, the card details won’t appear and it will load and load until the card flips back over. However if you close the app but not quit it in multitasking then go back in the card details load just fine. I’ve tried it a few times and this seems to be the easiest way around it for now.

This is running iOS 13.5.1 and the latest Curve update from the App Store.

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Would be nice to have the ability to generate additional card numbers from within the app, which could either be set for one-time use or multiple uses. This would be handy for paying for something where you don’t totally trust the website; Or if your card details were part of a data breach because some company you use doesn’t have strong security, you can just cancel that specific number and no other transactions are effected, then you wouldn’t need to have a new card issued.

Similar to the above, but a cool benefit for black and metal customers could be given them the ability to customise parts of the card number when they sign-up. I’m sure the first 4 digits are fixed, but I think the next 8 are somewhat unique to the card so may be able to be customised. That said I know there’s some kind of algorithmic generation of card numbers that goes on so maybe this isn’t possible, but if it was, it would be a cool feature.


You might want to vote for this suggestion at Virtual and disposable cards support

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I’m having this issue and have tried this workaround but not having any luck!

New beta: iOS 3.5.0 (3339) Beta