[iOS 3.5.22] New feature ready for testing! - Anti-Embarrassment Mode

Hey :wave:

We have an exciting new feature on iOS, and need you to help us test it! :rocket:

If you’re a beta tester you need to try out our newest feature. Introducing Anti-Embarrassment Mode, the feature that will help you say goodbye to declines. If your selected payment card doesn’t go through, we’ll automatically try the backup cards you designate, so you can pay without the panic. Turn on Anti-Embarrassment mode in your “account” tab to choose one or two cards from your Curve Wallet to act as backups.

Turning on Anti-Embarrassment Mode:

  1. Go to your “account” in the Curve app
  2. Tap “settings” on the top right corner
  3. Scroll to “features” and tap “backup cards”

How can I give feedback?

You can post your feedback in this thread below and we will try to give you a response as soon as possible.

Thanks all! Your feedback is essential for us to keep improving this feature!



Any estimate on android ?

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Didn’t receive the notification email from android

I don’t have this option :thinking:

Yep, tried a few times since this notification and this feature isn’t appearing within my app?!

Ehi @Andre_P,
Any news about? Why we don’t have the option? :thinking:

Just reinstalled… don’t appear :grimacing:

Yeah. I haven’t got the option either…?

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What happen if card 1 have an error
And the bank reservation the amount and card 2 went though
Then will the reserved amount be released again?


What happens if I’ve locked my Curve card? ? #embarrassing

Am I missing something here for the Beta programme? You release to us to try something out, its not there for us to do so and feedback, so you then release out to the general public?! You’ve done the same on the Open Banking feature as well. Gave us 48 hours to test this, we’ve fedback that its half working and then I’ve seen it’s out there for general users to use?!

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and for the record, this feature still isn’t showing within my app under 3.5.22.

Me too :thinking:

Really weird. I received a Push-Notification to set it up but then decided to cancel the setup.
Now checking in Account > Settings I can’t find the option at all?!

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay here. I think we have some issues with the beta group segments for feature flags, which we will look into. In the meantime I have pushed a new build for 3.5.23 to the beta testflight group, and on that build everyone should have access

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Thanks Sam! Just updated and can see the feature!

Can I add that not once has TestFlight updated the app automatically since Apple released that feature, despite having it set up to do so! Not sure if you flag that back to them or not? But thought I’d raise!

Hi @Andre_P & @Curve_Sam,

Could you share a bit more details about how Anti-Embarrassment Mode works technically? Does it apply to cash withdrawals as well? I hope note, because it can lead to unexpected (and unwanted) charges, if you choose a credit card as a backup.

Is this for face to face transactions only or all transactions?

Hmm we could ask, tbh I never use it for Curve since i’m constantly jumping around between debug and testflight builds but it has worked for other apps I’m using. It could be a result of Curve having multiple groups which not all builds are added to (since we use testflight for internal testing as well)

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