iOS 3.5.4 (4305) Beta

Hi @philip,

Thank you for letting us know! May I ask, do these crashes happen when in the background or when you are not using the app?

Issue: (one-sentence summary)
Nothing happens when I click on “Card limits” button on Account screen

How to reproduce it:
Click on “Card limits” button on Account screen


Apple iPhone 7

App version:
3.5.4 (4305)


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Hi, I have yet to be sent the new update? Or has this not yet been released?

Ignore me, I have have closed the TestFlight App and reopened and now its appearing… Something is occurring with TestFlight at the moment as I never received a notification with a release as I like to sort as soon as it is in!

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Well, it should have been added together with the new themes as happened on Android.

Hi Emily,

They are in the background. Usually a short while after I’ve been using the app. I can’t remember any crashes while I’ve been actually using the app.

I’ll get a message saying “Curve Crashed” and do I want to share additonal information. Sometimes I send a message to say I’ve recently installed IOS 14 public beta and sometimes if I’m busy I don’t.



IMG_0915 (002).PNG

I have the same issue after upgrade on 3.5.4. (4305)
I click on “Card limits” button on Account screen just circle scrolling and then nothing happen
OS: 13.5
Device: Apple iPhone XS Max

Thanks for the report, we have fixed this issue in the next beta, hoping it to share it with the group later today (referring to the card limits issue)

I get the same, consistently. Curve crashes every time it’s either accessed, then closed, or after a transaction has occurred and notification received. Same with every beta thus far on iOS14.

Hi there,

On 3rd of August I got the Curve 3.5.4 (4171) release, and it crashed constantly. Then, on 7th of August I got Curve 3.5.4 (4305) (same release number, different build) and the crashes stopped. I was using iOS 13.6

Today I upgraded my iPhone SE 2020 to iOS 14 beta 4. And the continuous crashes have started again.

I am sending the feedback every time. I hope it can help to fix the issue.


Hi All :wave:

After some additional work :slight_smile:, a new build iOS Curve 3.5.4 (4430) should be available shortly to beta users. It includes some minor additional fixes in addition to the changes @emilychi previously shared:

  • Refactored the view pin screen in the account tab.
  • Some behind the scenes on passcode unlock screens.

We are also aware that there is an issue with iOS 14 public beta that is causing crashes at the moment (mainly background crashes we think). We are looking into it and appreciate the crash reports being sent along - please keep them coming so we can deliver the best possible experience. Our product team is actively participating in this topic to incorporate your feedback.

When reporting a bug, please:

  • Check whether it is already reported in the list below
  • Provide a screenshot and short description
  • Provide details on how we can reproduce it
  • Let us know which OS, device and app version you have installed

Updated and testing.

Something I’ve noticed is that the tickets (“Still Need Help? Contact Us”) is not working, it says it cannot load the tickets.

It was already failing in the previous build (4305) and I am not sure since when, but it was working a couple of weeks ago.


4430 update includes what :)?

User facing the notes are mostly the same, behind the scenes we’ve been working mostly on bug fixes (we’ve had a few crashes in this beta and wanted to get to a better level of stability).

The new passcode work is probably the biggest new addition: it is hopefully something you might not notice, but will improve security. If you want to test things that use the passcode (e.g. checking your card PIN, viewing PAN / CVV etc) that would definitely be appreciated :raised_hands:


Hi, I use Face Recognition for accessing parts that require a pin. I presume what you have mentioned @Curve_Sam is for Pin-inputting? Otherwise I see no difference.


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FaceID (or other biometrics) will skip the passcode, but still worth checking to make sure everything is smooth (if you are keen to do some extra testing you can always turn off FaceID in the profile view :smile: )

I just installed iOS 14 beta 5 … and the crashes of Curve app are still there :sweat:

Yep no luck on this beta, the database library we are using which is the source of this crash is working on a fix in case Apple doesn’t fix this behaviour.

If we get too close to a public release without either a fix from the library or Apple we will come up with our own workaround

New beta: Curve 3.5.5 (4633) Beta