iOS app shows Pound Symbol for Euro account (Austria) for Curve Cash

Issue: (one-sentence summary)
Wrong currency symbol is displayed in Curve Cash

How to reproduce it:
Registered for Curve Black, loaded and some other Austrian cards. Go to “My Money - Timeline” and notice how the summary displays in “€” (Euro), but individual transactions as “£” (Pound)

iOS 15.2

iPhone Mini 13

App version:
3.19.0 (21143)


Payments with CPT (Curve Cash Points) are always displayed in “£” (pounds).

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It is not a bug. It is wanted by the Curve and they are working on it so that they can have the currency in euro. (No ETA).

For me on Android, when I pay in EUR with my Curve Cash (card), in my timeline the transaction is shown in € and not in £.

This means the displayed cash-back value is in GBP - so this is not a wrong currency symbol display issue? i.e. in my example the displayed “0,83£” are GBP and therefore would be “€0,98” - or?

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