iOS Beta Forum

Has the beta forum for the iOS beta been closed? Or do you require someone to provide access to it now?

I am not seeing it on the forum however the iOS beta release notes link to a thread apparently on this community somewhere. As I can’t see the thread or proper release notes I have no idea what to test!


Thanks Markus, but whenever I follow that link I get “ Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”, the same as what I get when trying to follow the URL aim the TestFlight notes.

You do need to sign up up as a beta tester to get access (you will be made a member of the beta tester group and will be able to access that part of our community again). How to sign up can be found in the linked topic below:

I have signed up, otherwise I would have access to the TestFlight builds. But for some reason I do not seem to have access to the forum here.

That’s because you are not a member of the Beta tester group, you should have been made a member of this group when you signed up.
I have just added you to this group.


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