iOS bug - Curve locks up my iphone since 3.5.8, no auto curve cash option

Issue: (one-sentence summary)

After using the curve app, within 5 minutes or so the phone will become unresponsive and requires a force reboot. I have tried reinstalling but issue remains.

How to reproduce it:

Open the app, login with fingerprint, press home button or lock the phone, wait 5 minutes and the phone will be unresponsive


iphone 6

App version:
3.5.9, issue since 3.5.8

Additional info:
The new auto curve cash option is not visible. I’ve followed the instructions for where I should find this (i.e. click the arrow button under the curve card image), but it is not visible.

Probably a coincidence (or did you install the Vivid money app recently just like me?), but I have a similar issue on Android, but with a different Fintech app (Vivid). After I open this Vivid app, after a couple minutes other apps start shutting down (one of them is Curve (!!!) and also Revolut). Eventually, also after becoming unresponsive, my phone tries to reboot, but it gets stuck in that process, so I have to reboot manually.

No I’ve not installed vivid, or revolut. Curve is the only app giving me this error.

Also, I don’t get any notifications since I started seeing this bug