iOS bug report and my attitude to the UK bin

I just updated CURVE days ago, and seems there is a bug when I launch the app. Here is the screenshot, wish CURVE can fix it in next version.
Detaild of my device: iPhone 11, iOS 13.7, CURVE 3.5.6

I know that there are many users of CURVE complain the UK bin when they are living in EU, but actually I like this feature very much!
Since I have some EU bin cards, and CURVE gives me an extra option when I shopping through internet, cause as far as I know, I can buy these APPs which only available in UK App Store now, and I couldn’t find a way to get a UK card before.
So thank you very much CURVE, lol

Hi @hamburg, thanks for the bug report. Could you give a bit more info about the bug? e.g. did you not expect to see Face ID used here? or do you get stuck on this screen etc?

The words in the red frame should show up in the blue frame, right? Rather than just being displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

Unfortunately, it’s been two or three updates since then, and as of today, the latest version still doesn’t fix the bug!

This is not a mistake.

Seemed the words in the red frame showed in the middle of the row in version 3.5.6, and came to left of the row from 3.5.7, which i think it’s like a bug

Looks more like a stylistic change than a bug?

Thanks for updating with a screenshot. I’ll double check with our designers but I think this is a change made to align with the new branding / design system (good eye spotting this change though)

Hi, how’s the designer’s feedback?
Every time I open CURVE app will feel weird, and the reason why I don’t think it’s a design change is that it cannot explain the words「Forgot Passcode」which still stand in the middle of the row.
Will it be more harmonious if we adjusted the words to the middle?

This started a chat in the designer team: I think they are split between agreeing with you and preferring the left alignment. I’ll update here if there is a decision

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