iOS bug report and my attitude to the UK bin

I just updated CURVE days ago, and seems there is a bug when I launch the app. Here is the screenshot, wish CURVE can fix it in next version.
Detaild of my device: iPhone 11, iOS 13.7, CURVE 3.5.6

I know that there are many users of CURVE complain the UK bin when they are living in EU, but actually I like this feature very much!
Since I have some EU bin cards, and CURVE gives me an extra option when I shopping through internet, cause as far as I know, I can buy these APPs which only available in UK App Store now, and I couldn’t find a way to get a UK card before.
So thank you very much CURVE, lol

Hi @hamburg, thanks for the bug report. Could you give a bit more info about the bug? e.g. did you not expect to see Face ID used here? or do you get stuck on this screen etc?