IOS - New Curve App v3.0.1

Hi All,

I just went to update my Apps in the IOS App Store – Then I noticed that there was a Curve App update.

I downloaded it, didn’t expect it to be the new version supporting the subscription model. Curve App said I’d been upgraded. All the features seem to be there, Subs, etc. I then got an email with AXA insurance details – This was done without my consent!?

BTW, it’s v3.0.1

Anyone else seen this?


You can opt out of the subscription. There’s more information about it here: Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering


I have to say, I’m surprised at this quick release. The main Curve website hasn’t even got the details on the Card pages.

Well done though.

We will make a big splash shortly :slight_smile: in the meanwhile, you can find more info here:

App continually crashes, requests email address everytime logging in, have to wait for email then click link then crashes, why has logging in changed? No good when wanting to switch cards quickly in stores is it.