iOS update 3.0.2 - feedback

If there’s a thread for app update feedback, apologies, and feel free to move this.

Other than the announcement about Amex, what changes do we have this time around?

I have asked my wife to reset her password since she is getting an error and now when logging in, it’s treating her as a brand new customer and asking her to choose a card (Blue/Black/Metal) that will be shipped to my address…

Edit - I have killed and restarted the app. Now it’s asking for CVV confirmation to setup a Black subscription. She’s been a Black cardholder for ages, must be grandfathered?

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@Curve_Marie - can someone take a look at @daventry’s problem please?

My Widget is gone on IOS.

You still cant sort the funding cards. Shouldt that come back ?

Very annoying.

They have removed for good, unless you vote for them to reinstalling it again :slight_smile:

I’m still looking forward to the return of the grid-view for funding cards…please :blush:


Yes, I also need that, thats my #1 request :smiley:

I’d love also to have the widget :slight_smile:

I’ve brought this up and it’s been recognised by the team. It’s in the beta section, so unfortunately can’t quote. But @Graham is correct.

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Please report any bugs in here: Bug Report - iOS v.3.0.2

Just to be clear, these posts are about upcoming features - should they be redirected to “Bugs” ?

We’d love to hear suggestions of what should be included next. How will it be related to the suggestions posted in the Ideas category?

Please use the other topic for any bugs on v.3.0.2. @curve_tobias will follow it and make sure all bugs are reported into our system.

@daventry Have sent you a message.

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My testflight still has 3.0.1 - how do I get 3.0.2?

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Mine is the same on TestFlight. The current App Store version is 3.0.2. Seems like the TestFlight version requires an update.

The loss of the widget and grid view have reduced my use of Curve dramatically. Without grid view it means opening the app before each spend to check what card I have loaded, rather than a quick swipe to check the widget. The carousel view is far less usable than the grid view. I’m struggling with why such useful features would be removed.


I do not receive push notifications about card transactions anymore, only delayed or when i open the app.