Is a physical curve card required?

I was just wondering do i have to have a physical curve card or can i just have a virtual one without getting a physical one?

Hi @karolfilipletek and welcome to our community :wave:

The physical card is necessary for withdrawing money from some ATMs, and avoid some technical limitations. When you request the card, you will have access to its complete numeration from the app and you can add it to different virtual wallets too, and it will be sent you by royal mail. It’s not possible to avoid the shipping of the physical one and keep only the virtual card.

There are many contactless ATMs, at least here in the Czech Republic… :czech_republic::eu: So no, physical card is not neccessary - it can serve just as a backup method where using tokenized/virtual card is not possible. :credit_card:

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withdraw money with a virtual card is only possible if this virtual card has a pin code. as i do have a physical card i don’t know whether curve’s virtual has a pin or not

btw curve’s virtual card is not a classic virtual card, so based on my experiences physical card is necessary to avoid problems with certain payments

Hi @Petr_Andel and @tygger. Thanks for your answers and share your experiences :slight_smile:

True that many ATMs have contactless readers, so you can use your card or phone to access them using NFC. But, at least here in Spain and unless I’m wrong, I have never been able to get money using a smarthphone and Google Pay or Apple Pay. ATMs don’t recognize these cards. It seems that they use a virtual number that is valid for payments, but not for ATM operations. Not using Curve in Google Pay, and not even linking the card from the bank branch itself.

I can use NFC using the virtual wallet of the bank itself in its ATMs, but I have never achieved it using Google Pay or Apple Pay. If you have achieved it or if it’s possible in your country, please let me know so that I can update the previous answer and avoid confusion :innocent:

it’s certainly possible here in hungary, i can use apple pay for cash withdrawals, i did it many times with curve. but it’s not like a simple purchase in a store: even after face/touch id authentication you must use your card’s pin code as well. for instance virtual cards issued by revolut don’t have a pin code, so you cannot use them for cash withdrawals. if a virtual card has a pin code you can use it for nfc cash withdrawals (in theory)

Thanks for sharing your experience, @tygger. In my case (maybe depends on the banks I use), I never could do it. But, going back to the original question, it’s not possible with Curve, then.

Yes, I was able to withdraw money :moneybag: from ATM using Google Pay with Curve card selected. :iphone: Last, it was in Bulgaria on my vacation :beach_umbrella: a month ago :calendar: (I do not use cash often :euro:, I pay with card almost all the time :credit_card:).

True is my Curve card is physical. I haven’t tried a withdrawal with virtual Curve card so @tygger might be right. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for sharing your experiences too, @Petr_Andel. I’ll give it a try in different countries, then. In Spain at least, I couldn’t get it, most ATMs were not able to read the virtual card that Google Pay uses. Maybe in other countries they have already updated their systems to allow this. I’ll try it in my next trips.

To avoid any confusion, I have updated the initial answer saying that the physical card is required at some ATM’s to withdraw money and to avoid some technical limitations when using NFC and a virtual wallet in certain cases :hugs:.

So it could be better not to rely only on your smartphone if you’re travelling and you need a money withdrawal. And for this reason, having the physical card too is highly recommended :credit_card:

In Latvia only 2 banks so far offer atm’s with nfc and only one of those two offer this nfc functionality for all cards (including Curve via gpay). Other one - only if you use their bank card.
Very LAME, if you ask me. :clown_face: