Is cash withdrawal considered debit-fronted now?

Now that debit-fronted transaction might face a small charge, will cash withdrawal based on a credit card be considered a “debit-fronted” and face a fee?


No, ATM withdrawals with a Credit card, as underlying card in the Curve app, will not be considered as such.

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…for now.

Thanks. Hopefully Curve won’t axe this as it’s a very useful feature to enable me having only one card with me.

I’m fairly certain I was charged for a cash transaction with my creditcard

Curve passes on the MCC code so some credit card issuers may use this information to charge you a fee.

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If so, as @Malik says, you were charged a fee by your underlying card and not by Curve (because of debit-fronted-credit).

Oh sorry. I understand what you mean now

I was never charged by Curve for this.
But it does get passed as a cash transaction so don’t use a Credit Card!

If you stay within your limits Curve will indeed not charge you.
And it depends on your underlying Credit Card (provider) if you are charged by them. Mine doesn’t charge a fee for a cash withdrawal using Curve! While a direct cash withdrawal with the Credit Cardrd (so not through Curve) does incur a fee.

Thanks to all the replies. Yes I’m aware of the existing conditions of Curve passing on code to Creditcard providers.

My question was more about the late change of the “debit-front” conditions, fee introduced like the HMRC payment. Might need @Curve_Marie for some comments.


Could you elaborate on which other information you need?

As said ATM withdrawals are (for now) not considered as debit fronted credit. Currently these fees only apply for HMRC payments and ATM withdrawals are not on the list of other payments (after the initial HMRC trial period) that will be charged in the future, as can be read here:

and here:

More info on Debit-Fronted-Credit here:

Also notice that you can go back in time when charged the debit fronted credit fee and have the fee refunded:

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Thanks Poeliev. Your summary perfectly answered my question. This is very helpful!

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