Is Curve discriminating on personal data? [no it was a bug]

For the past week I’ve been trying to create an account on Curve. But every time I try to proceed with the creation of the account, I get an error message (see:

I tried signing up using a different device (iOS rather than Android) but I get the same error. I’ve been wrecking my head and I even opened a support incident about it. Support was prompt to reply asking for the screenshot of the error, but then I never heard back despite chasing for an update. Same thing goes at Curve’s Facebook’s page.

From where I am standing, this seems like a bogus message disguising the fact that Curve is refusing to provide me with their services, without giving me a reasonable explanation as to why. To prove a point, my wife managed to register for an account (same address) without any issues (her card is on the way).

At this point I emailed Curve’s complaints department asking why am I not allowed to complete my account and start using the application.

Also I can see that Curve keeps hold of my personal data (email,phone number, name, date of birth and address), even though they are not allowing me to complete the sign-up for the service. This worries me from an EU’s GDPR and UK’s FCA point-of-view. Note that I NEVER got to be a customer as they never got to provide me a service (and so far failed to tell me as to why), which renders dubious any arguments that such data is “needed for financial compliance”.

EDIT: Someone suggested to me that perhaps I have triggered something MLA related. I wouldn’t have a problem with that if Curve was upfront about it, which seems like a much more productive way of dealing with the issue that would save everyone some trouble.

Welcome to the community @pmdci!

Boadly speaking - we are a financial services firm and have obligations under the law. When setting up an account we may from time to time require further information as part of the process. This doesn’t mean that an individual has been rejected, but we will review the messaging users see.

We do not comment on individual cases on this public community and we do ask individuals to use the dedicated channels for customer support as described in the Code of Conduct. On this occasion, the Complaints Team will follow up with you directly.

As you’ve pointed to the EU GDPR, the regulation clearly states that individuals have the right access. In order to exercise these rights, please contact Customer Support in-app or via


Hi @Curve_Marie ,

Thanks for the message.

As noted, I have already emailed both the support and the complaints department. The more I think about it, the more absurd it seems that there is some sort of discrimination going on. However Curve does very little to shed light on the matter. The error is very cryptic and says that I should check the internet connection. It is because of the broadness of the error that I took it to the community to ask what the heck is going on :grinning:

Indeed if there was need for checking information, I would expect the financial services firm to be transparent about it such as “we need additional id”, “we need a proof of address”, etc, etc.

Ultimately, I am of the opinion that any organisation can refuse supply. But I also think that minimum decency dictates that people should know why they are being refused (if they are being refused, that is). If I am indeed being rejected for whatever reason (which is Curve’s right to do so), all I need from you guys is to know why (privately via support email, of course)! This way I can either: a) rectify is is something that can be rectified; or b) move on. No hard feelings.

But ultimately, this generic “cryptic” error seems quite counter-productive because it wastes everyone’s time. It is unfair with users to get them to keep trying and troubleshooting an issue, and it also adds overhead to your support queue.