Is Curve still worth using?

I used to be a huge advocate of Curve, even being a (tiny) investor when they were doing the seed round.

But as time has gone on, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to justify using. I still love the idea of it, but for my uses I don’t see the value in the paid plans but the free plan is too limited.

I tried the first paid plan using my discount as an existing member, so I have experience of it. I don’t use Go Back in Time much (honestly, is anyone? How many times do you make that mistake?) but only having two cards available seems absurd.

What are the other uses that I’m overlooking? I have Monzo, which on Plus now lets you add your other bank accounts and credit cards into it for one unified view of your spending - including the categories.

Even Apple Pay will show you categories and let you have lots of cards - for free. I assume the same is true for Google and Samsung Pay.

To the best of my knowledge, Curve still doesn’t even maintain the historical data when a card expires and is replaced, so you start afresh from that point on.

I still think Curve is a great idea and a good product, but I’m struggling to find how it fits into my own financial life when I don’t use Go Back in Time and it’s being outdone by competitors as far as showing spending etc.

I also see that my own bad experiences with customer support are being echoed by others here. Support used to be fantastic but has become increasingly worse. And this basically sums up my position of Curve - five years ago it was incredible, but now it seems to be worse and is struggling to maintain a niche for itself.


Is this a recent change? I changed my Amazon card to Pulse in December and all data was retained, I even went back in time on transactions that had been carried out on the old card.

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How did it do that? The app doesn’t have an option to edit/replace when it expires - unless you added the additional card separately and kept the original one there as an archive?

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I was scared of losing the data so I added it as a new card, they just updated the previous one.


Ha that’s strange! So they’ll update a card if you add a new one but won’t let you do it yourself. And now with the card limits that won’t be possible for a lot of people


I don’t know how they do it but my old Amazon card expired sometime in June and the only difference the replacement had was the expiry date. So when I tried to make purchases using curve I got that error message of wrong expiry date for underlying card and I was bale to change it there and then without attempting to add new card. For the Pulse it was a different case as I got a new card number and expiry, I don’t know how the app managed to link it to the Amazon card to be replaced


Yeah, seems like something that shouldn’t have escaped the beta, frankly. Now free users can only have two cards, and 5 on the X tier, a lot of people won’t have a spare slot to add a new card while keeping the old one there

I think curve is an awesome service. For example:

  1. In Bulgaria I can withdraw up to 2000 BGN (1000 euro) per day without any fees from every ATM, even Euronet ones located in the resorts. Most bulgarian banks charge a percentage of the withdrawn amount for their cards.
  2. I can use only Curve on my Xiaomi Mi Band 6 NFC (a very cheap NFC band) and via Curve in practice you can pay via any card you want.
  3. Curve card has very favorable BGN/Euro exchange rate and exchange rates as general (during weekends I set my bank to make the exchange to avoid weekend fees)
  4. With Curve you have fee free allowance when you are abroad.

So I don’t agree Curve is the same as Google/Apple pay.


Those are all good uses but not ones I need often.

For day to day spending, the main attraction of Curve is the simplicity of not needing multiple cards and seeing past transactions.

For me - yes, still worth using even with 2 card limit as free user.
Without such limit I would use it more, but its their choice.

The two limit definitely changed my sentiment. I used to have about 6 cards in there, and as much as I am happy to see products charging money I don’t feel this one is a particularly validated tier. What they’re done is hampered the free version to such an extent they hope it forces people onto a paid plan, rather than making the free plan genuinely the better option.

Multiple cards in one place is quite literally the main reason people signed up in the first place. The free tier should continue to offer more than two cards, but restrictions on Back in Time make sense. Likewise, it seems reasonable to restrict smart rules to paid tiers as well.


For me, it was GBiT that was the most important function.

I could pay with the Curve card with my main credit card connected and only after some time transfer the transactions to the correct cards (due to cashback, conditions for exemption of card fees or interest-free period).

I’m currently on the free plan, I’m doing 70% less transactions than before with the Curve card. It’s still useful, but only because one of my cards doesn’t support Google Pay.


I think GBiT is a great feature. For me, I only used it a couple of times when I’d made a mistake, so I don’t need the higher limits from the paid plans and I’d be surprised if that isn’t true for most people.


Like you I was a great fan of curve, but now with the advances in technology from Apple and Google, coupled with the poor customer service and the disadvantage of not being covered by Section 75, mean that I no longer use Curve.

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Thanks for your input. Do you use it at all anymore?

I no longer use Curve.

the only difference the replacement had was the expiry date

Thanks why it was “merged” on the app!

A replacement card with “new number” will lead to a new “card account”

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Seems like such a basic feature to me - “replace card.” Otherwise you’ve got years worth of transactions, suddenly deleted.


In that case i will STOP using CURVE, because the one advantage i have with CURVE is to manage my card account (that does not have an APP!)

Curve has many unique features. The problems they continually restrict/degrade the actual unique features:

  • having unlimited underlying cards to replace your whole wallet
  • charge to any currency underlying card
  • charge to cards from different countries

The only really unique feature that hasn’t been replicated elsewhere is GBIT. I do find that a useful feature.

I still use my Curve card because it has fee-free FX when I travel, but many competitors offer that now, so its hardly unique.