Is Gadget insurance in fact only Travel insurance


I have Curve Metal investor subscription. I was distinctly under the impression that it included Gadget insurance. I have spoken to AXA this morning who tell me it’s in fact only Travel insurance. Thus, to make a claim for a damaged gadget (other than a mobile phone) I need to be on a ‘trip’.

A mobile phone is different.

This is not what I understood the gadget insurance to be. Can you, please, confirm the position. I cannot easily find details of the policy info online


Edit: I have just found the following which does suggest gadget and travel insurance are distinct products

Customers, from the countries listed above, who signed up or upgraded to Curve Black on 24 February and onwards will now get enhanced travel insurance. If you signed up before that and live in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, you will have standard travel insurance, in addition to mobile and gadget insurance.{emphasis added]

Edit: I have been through the policy wordings

Pre Feb 2020 - Includes gadget and travel. No requirement to be on a ‘trip’ to make a claim for a gadget.

Post Feb 2020 - Includes travel and mobile phone only. Not gadget. I do not know when Curve officially implemented by Curve Metal investor plan but what I do know is that my investment was made on 23.10.2019. If I am therefore disadvantaged as a consequence of Curves delay in providing the the ‘benefits’ promised of making an investment, that seems to me to be something which Curve ought to bear the cost of.

Please can yo confirm ASAP


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