Is it always like this?

Just had a message from Curve (probably along with everyone else) about connectivity being a bit flakey at the moment and to carry a backup card. Obviously, I would rather be warned than not warned, but this is the second time this message has come up and I have only been a member for just over a week.

Given that the message just popped up without warning, and it could have been a day where I had just left the house a short while ago, I’m beginning to wonder how reliable it is?

In all the years I’ve been using bank cards and credit cards I’ve never been in a situation to wonder if the card will work. With Curve, especially after two connectivity issues in a week, whether the card will work is always at the back of my mind.

Is it always going to be this way? I want something I can rely on, especially at the busiest time of the day and on the busiest day of the weekend.

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I never got that kind of message tbh. maybe it is connected with Your current location or bank?

Yeah, it was only a temp notification on the home screen of phone. Blink and you’d miss it.

I missed it but didn’t miss my card declining in a petrol station, a shop and a bank machine.

Kind of embarrassing standing in a petrol station logging into my online banking to move money about onto a spare card.

Problems like this should be prominent in the app and an email and text should be sent out.

The transactions haven’t even appeared in my app timeline as pending like they usually do. Just total breakdown.

Surely that’s good that they haven’t appeared in your app timeline. Am I right in thinking when that happens the payment goes to the underlying card even though it has been refused and then you have some hassle getting your money back?

Just had another notification to say everything is working again (doesn’t help you now though).

Having had a card since January, it’s rare, but not unheard of to have problems. Often the problem is outside of Curve’s control, and actuality affects other banks too (eg Starling Bank), but unless you have an account with them, you are unlikely to see their similar messages. I always carry a spare card, but did that before having the Curve card anyway.

@AndrewVint yes, I suffered a petrol station rejection, although I luckily retried and it went through. Neither transaction has appeared in the app yet though.

@breakingbad it depends, if you get a rejection from the terminal but Curve approves it, it can take a few days to return the money to the underlying card. In today’s case, I’ve not seen the transactions on the underlying cards either (yet), so it’s not yet clear what will happen.

I did not get any msg from Curve (all purchases seems to be ok today), but I got one from Revolut (saying that there might be issues with some card payments causing them to fail). I called my friend who also use Revolut and he said - he did not have any messages from Revolut.

p.s. How does Curve show these notices: are they as push notification or directly in the app?

@moon They are push notifications and do not show in app at all. If you too quick to unlock your phone, you may miss the message. Some on here are asking for the messages to be stored in the app for reference.

I did not realise that Revolut were having problems too. Seems this is something that affects fintech companies in general and not just Curve.

Fortunately I carry my Amex card with me for primary use and it has never, ever failed me in over 15 years use.

I had three declines yesterday…one of them was especially embarrassing considering I was showing my Curve card to a friend who owns the restaurant I was eating in…then the card declined - definitely not going to get a referral from that one :roll_eyes:.

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I never got that kind of message tbh. maybe it is connected with Your current location or bank?

Looks like everyone was potentially affected - it’s detailed in the ‘Live Status’ section under Help & Support in the app. Doesn’t look like the push notifications get sent out or reach everyone at the same time though as my partner had a notification at least an hour before me. I looked for mine when she saw hers but I had nothing until a while later.

@Curve_Marie can you advise how these work and why I would have received mine so much later. Also when you tap on the notification should it take you to the live status part of the app? It just launched the app and took me to the wallet section which doesn’t really help.

@AndrewVint you can subscribe to be kept up to date with issues by email…something I only found today when looking in the Live Status section of the app. I think an email advising of issues as soon as they are discovered should be sent as standard especially given there are clearly delays in getting the push notifications to everyone.

I’m guessing this particular issue only affected Curve given they found the issue and fixed it, but you are right that these intermittent issues seem to affect fintech companies in general. Doesn’t look good for them though. Never ever in 25+ years with any other bank or credit card provider have I had an issue like this. They may offer lots of extra features but if they can’t perform their primary function (albeit on rare occasions) people will question whether they can trust/rely on them and should continue to use their services.

@bells I cannot find the Live Status section in my app. Is this something for Curve Black and above only?

Dunno about live status in app (could not find it either), but you can use this link -

@moon My bad. I thought you were talking about the app. Thanks for the link though (I googled and couldn’t find it). Now subscribed and hopefully have a message that I can read at my leisure.


I’m on IOS and if I tap the hamburger menu, then select Help & Support, I see ‘Live System Status’ at the bottom:

This is how its looks on android:


Had the issue too at a petrol station, atm and in Next.
The next transaction was 9 minutes after the issue was marked as resolved in the live status :roll_eyes: so I don’t know.
I love Curve but this crap really boils my pee pee especially when I’m paying for it.

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I have noticed a marked increase over the past few days (today included) and what I would like to see is something from Curve regarding these and what they’re doing to become more self sufficient or find more reliable services. At a time when they’re asking for crowdfunding I think it becomes even more important that they demonstrate a quality of service and commitment thereto.

They seem to be on a massive recruitment drive at the moment. I’m wondering if the recent influx of users (of which I am one) are too much for the existing infrastructure?

I do have it. It’s not under the hamburger menu though on my ios. I select ‘Wallet’ at the bottom, then the three horizontal lines top left corner and help and support from there and I end up with the same view you have above.

Sounds like GPS failed again