Is it always like this?

Sorry yes I didn’t mention being in the ‘wallet’ as that is the default screen when I launch the app.

Those three horizontal lines you refer to are what is known as the hamburger menu so we are talking about the same place.

After spending nearly an hour on the phone to my credit card provider, thought I’d mention this here in case anyone else has been affected in the same way…

Only one of the transactions I attempted to make had failed because of the technical issues curve had. Whatever and however it happened was enough to make the transaction look suspicious and as such my card provider had put a block on my card. This meant the following 4 attempted transactions (tried another 2 this evening), including one using the actual credit card itself I.e. not through the curve card, all failed. So ultimately curves technical issue caused all failures, albeit indirectly, and even broke one of my underlying cards :roll_eyes:.

If you still have have issues using curve after they have confirmed an issue is resolved, it’s possible your underlying card has been blocked/locked by the provider. In this instance, if possible, try using a different underlying card just to rule out ongoing issues with curve.

This is the weakest link in the Curve chain atm. I’ve had 4 declines since I had my card (4 months) so always now carry a backup card…they need to sort this. Doesn’t happen with normal banks like this.

Seems like it is not just the fintechs after all. Capital One had a meltdown on Monday/Tuesday and web/app services were down for the best part of 2 days and there were even reports of card transactions failing. This is the card I sometimes use as my underlying card.

I’m ashamed to admit that if I had a failed transaction I would have automatically pointed the finger at Curve even though in this instance it may not have been their fault. :dizzy_face:

I had decline using Curve card yesterday with reason “not enough funds” (not true).
Contacted support and they said that its not Curve’s fault (curve accepted payment, but merchant refused it) and that it might be due to problem with POS internet connection in that exact moment (although I think in that case decline reason should be different). Anyway, moment later same purchase with other card worked fine.