Is it possible to get proper support for basic functionality?

I have opened 4 different support tickets in the app, for different issues over a week ago, but I have gotten no response whatsoever. The main issue that I’m having is that my card is being declined for small transactions when I have more than enough money in my account. There’s no reason I can see why my card would be declined, so I would like to talk to someone who can look into what the problem is and help me resolve it. Is there an alternative to the support chat in the app, that is apparently ignored? Is there a number I can call to get proper support and figure out why my card is being declined?

I’ve been in touch with the support team about a double payment taken from my underlying bunq card for a month now. I did receive a few responses but they either didn’t seem to understand the issue, told me that it would resolve itself within a few days or that the payment team was working on it and would get back soon.

I followed up with screen shots from Amazon, Curve and bunq and also provided further details but nothing has changed. I have effectively stopped using Curve for the moment as this is not the way I want to be treated as a customer. It seems that their support is not up to the task of supporting all their customers. Perhaps they need to hire more staff or change people’s mindset. That shouldn’t be my concern. All I want and think I can expect is that a double payment is reversed.

In your case, @jrobhu, they should be able to give you an explanation or work towards a fix. You can send an email to which is the address their responses to me come from.

@Curve_Marie, @Hannah, is there anything you could do to improve end user experience and prevent users from leaving Curve?

Our Customer Experience team will have the system access and expertise to help you out. Our team is doing their best to reply to all messages as quickly as possible. The Wirecard situation has caused a bit of a queue so please bear with us while we’re getting back to normal.

Please do be aware that we ask you in the Code of Conduct to use the designated channels for Customer Support. Referencing your ticket on the community will not push your ticket ahead of other customers who have contacted us.

Thank you for clearly showing me what kind of support I can expect as a Curve customer.

Hahah you closed this topic without a response. Just like you’ve done to my support tickets. You might as well just have a bot respond with “Hahah no” to your customer’s support requests. It would be more polite, and cheaper for you too!