Is it safe to add all your cards to Curve?

Reading comments like this on Trustpilot honestly have me very worried about adding all my cards to Curve. Especially my cards that holds large balances.

"Beware and stay away, they will hold on to your money.. Purchased an item by using my Curve card from Argos returned the Item back to the shop in the same day. The shop authorised the full refund and refunded to the same Curve card. At this date (10 days), there is no sign of refund (£119) to my account in Curve or in NatWest account. Email sent to support team and messages through the app but not a single response received not the money. I am in the process of raising a complaint to Consumer watchdog."

What are your thoughts?

Let’s put it this way:

There are plenty of people who has already maxed out their £50K annual spending limit.

There are a few people who has the new £100k limit … and about to get maxed out soon …

I’ve had Curve since 2016, and I’ve not had a problem with refunds.


You have to bear in mind that places like Trustpilot are a breeding ground for negative reviews and rarely does anyone bother to actually review a positive experience.

It’s quite likely that the refund was processed in the end - we don’t know whether that person ever bothered to get in touch with Curve or Argos or Natwest to make sure it had been processed properly. In fact for a transaction on the same day it’s not impossible that the first transaction never actually hit the Natwest account in the first place and that the pending transaction was just cancelled, rather than processed and refunded.

That doesn’t mean something didn’t go wrong, just means that in reviews people don’t always provide a fully rounded picture of the context. All I can say is that I’ve been using Curve for 2 years and never had any major issues like that, although I always recommend spending >£100 goes direct to a credit card anyway so you get Section 75 protection. I only use Curve for smaller transactions personally.

Going back to your original question though - I have added all but one of my cards to Curve. The one for my primary current account stays out. It’s never been used and never will be, because I keep that account as isolated as possible from the outside world.

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I’ve had the same issue with John Lewis. The credit was issued on the 6th February and I’m still waiting for the funds. I sent an email to support and even called the Lost Card number and left my details for a phone call. I love the Curve card but if they cannot handle simple credits, then it’s time for me to move on.

Just a quick one to check…did you change your base card between the charge and refund? I can’t remember which is correct, whether Curve send it back to the original or the card you happen to have selected.

I did change my base card and have checked all cards. No credit on any.

I reached out to Curve customer services via app about refund not showing up in my cards (entirely my fault as I wasn’t aware that Curve will always try to match to the original payment card so it doesn’t work for things like VAT refunds where there is no payment transaction) - got a response within 30 hours and payment received in bank account the next day.

Sometimes it also depends on how fast your underlying card issuer deals with refunds - some banks takes up to 5 business days to process.

There is a correlation between response time from the Customer Support team and negative reviews. We are still receiving and answering a higher volume of queries than usual and are striving to get back to normal as soon as possible.

We have added an extra layer of protection on your purchases, you can read more here: Introducing Curve Purchase Protection

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I’m still awaiting my merchant credit to be posted. It’s been close to two weeks. Sorry but it doesn’t take that long to process a merchant credit. Curve can process purchases immediately but not merchant credits? Sounds to me that Curve is sitting on the funds trying to make money off the funds. I have filed a support ticket, I’ve even called the Lost/Stolen card line only to leave my details and promised a call back. I’ve filed a complaint with FCA and I’ve even contacted MasterCard with a complaint. Curves actions reflect badly on MasterCard (MC). If MC gets enough complaints, they will pull their card from Curve. MC did tell me the Wire Card Solutions ( Is the issuer of the Curve MC.

concept is good but execution isn’t. App has loads of bugs, lacks the security posture and support required for such product. Recently it started charging credit cards that I removed from the app.

Wouldn’t Curve consider the current volume of queries the ‘new normal’?
If you keep having complaints and tickets after the launch on such volume, you’d need to hire more than a couple of customer success managers.

People are holding up, yep, but everything has a limit.

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Hello @Space,

I have the same problem with Refund and Curve. Another payment processor refunded my money on 30.01.2019 and up to today I don’t see my money back in Curve…Curve’s support not solve my problem because since around 3 weeks any reply…

What exactly is a merchant credit? I’m not familiar with it. Is it just a refund?

Yep, sounds like it to me.

A merchant credit is a refund.