Is it Safe to add Personal Information

Curve asks for so many personal details, and i can understand the names, dates, residence and even id cards and drivers license. But why do they ask for a selfie. Isnt this too much information stored on the web

These are legal requirements :balance_scale:, I’m afraid Curve can’t do anything about it… :flushed:

Yes but i wasted so much time yesterday and i was getting errors, the id is too old, the drivers license is blurry, the selfie does not look good. It felt too much of a hassle. Paypal didnt ask for a selfie BTW so what do you mean by legal requiremtns

It is part of the KYC (Know your Customer) process Curve has to comply with. They need to make sure that the person that uploaded the picture of the ID-card is indeed the owner of the ID-card.
During any recent application for a FinTech I had to make a selfie or even had to make a video call, so they could check this.


Understood. And how secure are all this data sent. I mean in case of the usual hacks and database leaks happening over the internet, my personal data could get on the hands of the hackers

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Correct :+1:, and not only fintech companies. Also “standard” banks require this process if you open your account online. :computer:

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Yes, that’s true. 🥸 It can happen with any company/data you provide not only through internet… :cold_face:

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I agree, I really wish they offered a secure portal to upload this information rather than relying on insecure and unencrypted emails.