Is my card Personal or Business

Can anyone shed any light, long term user blue>black>metal my metal card has just been replaced as it was due to expire end of this month.

The new one says business on the back, the old one did not?

I have asked support basically is this correct, i.e. was my card always business but it did not say?

The response is oh we can issue you with a personal card but your limits etc might change, i’ve replied saying if it is what i already had i’ll just keep it, if it’s a mistake please change it.

Is there any way to tell if the old card was business also?

Hope that makes some sort of sense!

Sorry, just been looking at the app some more and there is definitely an error. My old card was 537590 which shows as Standard on BIN checking. the new one is 537591 which shows commercial on BIN checking. So i’ll get back to them in app as my limits have changed for daily spending also which will become a pain in the arse pretty quickly!

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