Is N26 pull out of the UK good for Curve

Is the pull out of the UK of the German digital bank N26 good, bad or neutral for Curve’s business?

I don’t think it’ll have an impact on Curve but banks like Revolut, bunq and others must be really happy.
I’m also pretty sure that N26 has already applied for a UK Banking Licence.

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Curve is not a bank and never will be in my opinion. So it will have zero impact on Curves bottom line.

As the above poster has said it will benefit Fintech banks like Revolut, Starling and Monzo as they are the top 3 Fintech banks in the UK.

Possibly, but the benefits will be negligible, considering their only direct competition is the metal and premium package cards offering and their core products are very different. One being convenience of your existing cards on one card, the other one as a bank.