Is support offline?

I know Curve have been pretty busy lately but is support offline?

I posted a ticket about 4 days ago and have prompted several times for an update and nothing.

Generally they reply within a few hours.

Hey @Pagemakers,

That’s strange, I assume it’s because they’re overloaded currently with users raising tickets after the issues from last week. If your request is urgent I’d respond with the word URGENT, that usually does the trick :slight_smile:

To ”prompt several times for an update” in only four days time, when they have just done a remarkable over-the-weekend-comeback and the amount of support tickets very likely at least doubled - is not really helping. I am sure you need help, just like everyone else. Give them a few days, it is an unusual time for them now.


My confidence in Curve has been knocked by the severe lack of customer support.

I attempted to raise a transaction dispute on the 2nd June; due to significant issues with a purchase from a merchant, who refused to engage. A week later I had to chase again for a response, another week later I sent a third chase email now getting very frustrated with zero communication in three weeks. I finally reached out on Twitter and three days later a response to my support ticket was received. Unfortunately there seems to be a number of posts about the lack of forthcoming support cropping up at the moment.

I’ve still not heard after a week and 3 prompts (yea yea I know)…

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