Is the free £10 thing real?

Hi, so I recently just signed up and received my curve card (got the free blue one) after seeing an advert on instagram claiming if you used the code STUDY you would receive £10 for free, I’ve just activated my card and even did a test payment with it but I’m not seeing anything?

Is the free £10 real? Or just something they said to get people to sign up? If it is real how and when will i receive it?

Not too bothered if its not real beause I really like the curve card but an extra £10 would help towards the xmas shopping lol, any replies appreciated, cheers!

Not sure about that code, but at least some customers are receiving an email from Curve that you can receive 5£ extra if you use your card in December. The advert says this:

“Just pay for something with Curve and we’ll load 500 points (that’s £5!) onto your Curve Cash card.
Signed up with a referral or promo code? You’ll get this free fiver on top of your sign up rewards!”

So, I suppose it doesn’t matter which code you use in this case, since you would get 5£ for the code and 5£ for the December promo, which makes 10£ in total. This is only available for customers that received the email though.

I could also find a website not related to Curve that says the code STUDY gives free 10£ but you should spend with your card first. If the code was accepted when signing up, it should work.

Here’s some info about promo codes in Curve:

You should see the money under curve cash

Just had a look but its not there hmm maybe i wasn’t eligible or something, lol figures, unless it takes a few days or something? I only made my first purchase with curve today

“will be added as Curve Rewards to your Curve Rewards account within 5 working days after successfully making your first transaction with your Curve card. Your first transaction must be made using Chip & Pin.”

I’m not tkk sure if it is, i signed up last week using the code STS10, used my card Thursday morning and I’ve still not received my tenner.

All I can say is that I signed up with a code and I got my £10 about a week later after using my card for the first time to buy something. Be patient and I am sure it will happen.
All the best.

Hi guys! Firstly, welcome to the Community @lethallonely and @Theruggedchef!

When you sign up with a promo code, it can take up to 72 hours for the points to be applied after making your first transaction. If the points still haven’t been applied after this time then it’s best to contact our support team ( so they can check your account and see what’s up!

Thanks Hannah,

Its been well over the 72 now and its still not there, I emailed on Sunday to see what the issue was and still awaiting a reply. Must say im not all that impressed so far.

I can confirm that this works, I received 1000 points which are worth 10£ on my curve cash card


So we sign up,
Get our card,
Add our bank card,
Then use any shop with chip and pin?
Is there a minimum spend for the bonus?

So we dont actually top our curve card up? we just use the card and it will take money from the attached debit card?

Also is the pin to the card the same as our app log in pin or does it give you a pin after you add a bank card?

I read the pin is under card section of the app but mine just says card on the way, I already have it here. Do we have to add a card for this to set up the pin?

Please post the process in order so its easy for everyone to understand.


Sign up
Get Curve card
Add another bank card
Spend on it
Receive Curve Rewards to the value of £10

Use them on a future purchase by switching your ‘active’ card to Curve Rewards. Note you can only spend either the exact amount or less of whatever balance you have in Curve Rewards. If you try a transaction for greater than the available balance it will be refused. You may therefore have to split the transaction at the retailer or make it online (e.g., Amazon top up) to get the correct amount.

Well poop. I haven’t had that email! Probably because I use my card regularly anyway, I suppose :frowning:

I got the email about the extra 500 when using the card in december but the curve cash has not received them yet - the small print said something about it would take anything up to x amount of weeks to post but I deleted the original email…