Is there a way to get a human to review my application?

Hello! I received a notice that I was eligible to apply! Hooray! Unfortunately, my account and app had a number of issues. Support finally got things fixed to a point where I was able to enter my reported income during the application process, but then I immediately received a denial upon submitting my income. It was immediate, so I am assuming it was automated by the system. I also received a denial email with a letter indicating the reason for denial which included my credit score.

Is there any way a human from Curve could review my application? The denial letter I received from Curve showed a credit score above 820, so I would be VERY surprised if I would ultimately be denied. I would also want to discuss with someone the reason for denial if possible? I reached out to Support, but they just told me to go talk to Equifax about my credit report, which isn’t helpful. Would appreciate any help or clarification someone, hopefully a human employee of Curve, could provide. :slight_smile:

@Curve_Joel , can you help me out?

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I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having problems with your application. I’m afraid if you’ve failed a credit check application which lead to your application being declined there is nothing staff can do for you I’m afraid. The above advice is right to check with the CRA (Credit Reference Agency) concerned.

Another issue is that even if there is nothing wrong with your application via the CRA, Curve itself have it’s own internal scoring which is separate to the CRA score.

Staff will not be able to help your application go through so I’m not sure where you go from here.

Thanks for your question.


Thanks @patrice58! I guess I was hoping to talk to someone specifically about my application and reason for denial in order to clarify things that may affect the scoring. I’d prefer not to get into specifics on a public forum, but the reason I was denied was “Excessive Obligations in Relation to Income” which is due to mortgages for rental properties. If given the opportunity to adjust my income to account for those rental properties, I believe I may qualify. The system automatically denied me, but I feel that a human may be able to consider the whole picture. Or, if my application could be reset, I would simply reapply and include the rental property income.


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Hi ya, since you’ve tagged @Curve_Joel I’m sure he will post below to help you out as best he is able.

I might not be bang on the money as I am using the UK version of Curve as (this will shock you) I’m from the UK. :grin:

Joel will have the best up to date information regarding the USA version so I will defer what I’ve said to his better advice.



@patrice58 and @Curve_Joel
Just wanted to provide an update. It took much persistence (Support was adamant that a manual review was not possible) and I had to go through Twitter to get someone who would actually consider my request, but I was finally contacted by someone for a manual review and they were able to reset my application, and I was just approved!

Excited to get started! Is there an ETA on when Visa credit cards will be supported?

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Hi ya, I’m really pleased that you’ve got a manual reconsideration on your account and that you’ve been approved. Welcome to the Curve Family. :grin:

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ask curve usa?

Yep! That’s who eventually was able to help me. The regular email support channels were unhelpful.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you here @PaulieMyk, I’m glad to see you were in good hands with @patrice58 and that you found your way to the right team to help with this issue! :grin:


It’s really frustrating. I didn’t even get to put in my income. I put my address in and my application was denied with no explanation. I can think of absolutely no reason why my address wouldn’t qualify nor why I’d be denied and there seems no one to get info from?