Is there a way to tell if a previous Curve transaction was made via Apple Pay?

I’d like to know if a previous Curve transaction I made was direct with the card or via Apple Pay. Is there a way of identifying this within the Curve app?

The transaction was about a month ago which is out of the range of my ‘latest transactions’ shown in Apple Wallet.

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I would advise you to contact Curve’s customer service team as I’m pretty sure they will be able to tell you. You can contact them via the following email address

Alternatively you can contact them via the Curve application.

Thanks for your question.

One way to check is by using the “Wallet” app on your iPhone - if the transaction shows up under the Curve card, then it was paid via Apple Pay.

The curve app won’t give you this information directly

I have now contacted them. They weren’t able to help. They were able to confirm the transaction was contactless but were not able to say if the transaction was via Apple Pay or direct on Curve card.

Only for latest transactions though. Not all previous transactions.