Is there any curve customer service here? I cannot contact you

Q1: I have used the digit card for a long while, but I cannot use it anymore! I don’t know why?
I tried contacting the curve team, but you guys did not reply!

Q2: I have received the physical card, but I cannot activate my physical card! The curve app told me that my last 4 digits or network were wrong(I did check, nothing wrong)

Please reply to me as soon as possible! Or I will give up the curve card.

Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

There is no customer service agents here as this is a user powered community.

Since you’ve already contacted Curve customer services I am sorry to say but you’ll have to wait until they get back to you.

If you have a Twitter account then you can Tweet them at the Twitter address @AskCurve and that seems to help.

Thanks for your question.

Hi @Montane1,

Sorry about this, we are aware of this issue as we think this same issue is also affecting a few others.
:wrench: Our engineering team are currently working on a fix for an incorrect error popping up for some of our users.

Please can you try to force quit the app and reopen it and see what happens? :pray:


Hi @Montane1,

I’ve just had an update from the team that works on that part of the app.
Could you please try and verify your mobile number and trying to activate your physical card again after?

You can do this by going to:
:bust_in_silhouette:Account Tab → :gear: Settings → :telephone_receiver: Mobile Number


Thanks for offering in-forum support Emily!

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In the app you can go to your account, choose help center and then chat. For all the questions I had an issue with the service was great. Ok it’s starts with a chatbot but Curve supports team takes over, they even answered over the weekend! My last issue was with a double refused payment solved within a couple of days. Even the refund was settled nicely. Thumbs up for the support team.

Yes you definitely can do that. :+1:

I’m extremely pleased that you’ve happy with the customer service team and the support you received. :+1::grin: