Is there even a premium support?

Does the premium support for metal subscribers even exist? I tried raising a support ticket and got the info to wait 3-5 days. Is that already the premium? Do non-metal people have to wait for over a week?

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Well apparently there is premium support provided with your Curve Metal subscription but from what I’ve read on here, the users of Curve Metal say it isn’t that effective at present, make of that what you will.



Premium support, or any support for metal card users is diabolical, I have had three incidents which needed urgent attention each time had to wait 2 weeks or more, (1 case over 3-weeks) and still no no satisfactory result, as a result I have cancelled my subscription!

yes dont know why you would bother. I left when I seen support took 4 weeks. I just went to revolut 1 min wait time

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On customer support, I’ve raised a couple of issues with Snoop, a very different service offering I know, but it’s wonderful to get a response in a couple of hours, and a personal service, with someone actually reading my messages, and amazingly issues resolved including app changes in a day or two. Curve could learn something from them. But hey, Curve know about the problem but don’t have the cash or mindset to prioritise this. As a result I virtually never use my free Curve card now having downgraded from Metal. As a result of a truly flawed service I’ve moved on.

There’s barely any support, let alone premium support. Yet another unfulfilled commitment from Curve like many others before it.

Is it worth me going to curve black for the features?

If you can live without having proper support then yes, otherwise no.

I’m on Metal and my average wait has been 3-5 working days. I tried to convince myself it’s indeed premium support as those on Blue might need to wait for 3-5 months. :rofl: