Is this a bug - received part refund, original transaction is gone, can't go back in time

I made a purchase of 300 GBP. This showed fine in Curve. Then merchant refunded 20 GBP. Curve then wiped the original 300 GBP debit transaction and now only shows the 20 GBP credit transaction, saying “This purchase was partially refunded. Original purchase £300”

I wanted to go back in time as I had used the wrong card, but the option is grayed out.

Am I missing anything?

If this isn’t a bug, why is Curve replacing transactions? It messes up accounting and balances too, as well as the ability to go back in time.

BTW - I actually signaled this problem to Curve more than 1 year ago, was told it will be looked into, so I’m unsure if it’s intentional or not at this point

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I’m afraid it appears to be one of a few ongoing timeline issues - Make timeline fix a priority

Indeed it’s linked, thanks for the pointer. Here a small refund also wipes the original purchase and the ability to go back in time.

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Works the same for me. Agree it’s not fortunate solution, makes timeline pretty unclear… :woozy_face::exploding_head::dizzy_face:

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