Issue adding euro-only debit card


I’m successfully using Curve but I’m now failing to add a new debit mastercard to my wallet, no way.

The problem, that card is only accepting euro transactions but the validation charge by Curve is submitted in GBP so I get a lot of notifications from my card issuer with all denials.

Can Curve send the request directly in € if the card is configured as euro?

You need to set the underlying currency correctly to EUR.

I did have the same issue with a (Russian) Bulgarian underlying card. Fixed after switching to EUR currency into the App.

I was adding my new underlying card with eur selected but despite that, I received the initial verification charge in GBP anyway

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You always get the initial verification in GBP. Don’t know why.

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“1 currency only” debit card seems like weird concept limiting usability of card. Why banks want to limit their clients like that?

It’s simpler than that. It’s just a default setting to disable non-euro transactions. You can turn them on later, but it’s a security setup as the beginning.

It’s ok if we discuss if that initial setup is ok or not, but I’d put the focus on why Curve cannot submit euro-based verification if the card is especifically set up as euro in your wallet settings as @barhom said. That’s weird in Curve side.